Monday, July 25, 2011

blah, blah, it is hot, blah

This is turning into a strange summer.  One of those summers that the only thing anyone ever talks about is the weather.  How hot it is (very, very, very), how much is hasn't rained (little to not at all in months!), when it could rain again (people are actually hoping for a hurricane!), when it will cool off (January?)...and no one seems to mind talking about it.  It is just all there is.  Front and center, in everyone's mind.

Did you know there is actual research that says people's seratonin levels drop in heat, therefore making people crankier?  There are stories about how baseball umpires are ejecting more players when the heat rises.  Then there are stories about how cities in Texas are running out of water, literally. 

Here in Tulsa, we are under voluntary water restrictions, which means, to me, stop watering your lawn in the middle of the day, right?  I guess not everyone thinks that though.  Our neighborhood association still waters the public lawns in the middle of the day, which just irritates me.  They are the ones who sent everyone an email telling us about the water restrictions!  Sigh.

I guess people talk about it because we are hoping it is just a fluke.  As in, it won't last much longer.  The heat will go away soon, right?  (Not for us--we are under heat warnings until Saturday).  The rain will come again, surely? I know I'm not the only one hoping so.


In lighter news, Rhett is reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  I'm beyond excited for him.  Last night, he read the first ten pages and said, "This book is awe-some! I can't stop reading!"  Love!

We watched Captain America this weekend, so we are all ready for Avengers, which comes out next summer.  I never thought I would watch so many superhero movies in my life.  Perk of being a mom of boys I guess.   :)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

we're happily ever after once again*

These aren't the best pictures I have ever taken but here are the boys during their play.  Noah was Jack Horner and Rhett, Hansel.  They, along with their cousin Cameron, did a great job and maybe want to do it again. 

The two weeks (or 17 days as my husband pointed out) we were in Friona were full of shopping, visits with grandparents, play practice and lots of DS playing.  We didn't go outside a lot because it was hot but not as hot as it is here in Tulsa.  Whew.  Only about 150 more days until Winter! Then we'll be wishing it for warmer temps again.  Aren't we ever happy?  Haha.

One of my favorite parts of the last month has to be watching Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows Part 2 with Mom and Rhett.  During the movie, I smiled a lot because I couldn't believe I was finally seeing the book played out on film!  Then after it was over, I had a disappointed feeling.  I didn't understand it because all in all, the movie was very good and although there were some things I wish they had done instead, I was satisfied.  I finally figured out my disappointment though:  It is over.  Finished.  No more movies, no more books.  Some of you may not understand why Harry Potter is so great.  And to others, it may mean so much more than it does to me.  I won't try to explain why I love it but will say this:  Reading the Harry Potter books led me to read The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, which began my love for the fantasy (I use that broadly here) genre of books.  They are my favorite books to read and to escape for a little while.  After the movie, Rhett said, "I'm going to have to get into the Harry Potter books so I can understand the movies better!" and my heart leapt a little. :)

Now we have a little less than a month left before school begins.  We have school shopping done and just bought most of the school supplies today.  It is too hot to be outside right now and the pool is like warm bath water, so we've been trying to keep busy indoors.  I'm doing a lot of cleaning! :) 

Hope you stay cool!

*That is the title of one of the songs from the play.  :)