Thursday, October 30, 2008

lessons learned from a half-day kindergartener

...Lesson #1: It is okay to eat lunch at 10:30 am. It is not okay to eat lunch at 10:27 am, however, at Braum's, because they do not serve lunch until 10:30 am. But it is okay to wait for 3 minutes.

Lesson #2: It is okay to like someone as much as you like God or Jesus, just as long as you do not like that person more than God or Jesus.

Lesson #3: Sad songs are the best but rocky-roll songs are pretty good too.

Lesson #4: Apparently, the only rocky-roll song Noah knows is "Who let the dogs out? Whoot. Whoot. Whoot." (as sung by Noah in the above mentioned restaurant)

Lesson #5: Limeade makes you have to pee.

Lesson #6: Pickles are the best vegetable because they make you strong.

Lesson #7: The one thing better than pickles? "You, Mom." (awww.)

Lesson #8: "If you take the BA from banana you get NANA!" Hi Nana!

Lesson #9: Just because you watched tv in the morning already but don't remember that, it means you can watch it again.

Lesson #10: Life is full of sweet surprises. (Noah did get to watch a little bit more of tv)

And the last thing is not a lesson, but a realization:

I am going to miss having lunch with Noah next year, when he goes to school full-time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

an update of sorts

...Hello! Remember me? I am the one that was sick with a sinus infection for all of last week. It really took a lot out of me. So blogging was not a priority.

Today: Red Ribbon Week starts at the boys school. I am not sure how dressing backwards is relative to kids saying no to drugs besides it being fun, but that is what today is: Backwards Day. Noah had some trouble with this concept, which is truly ironic because he used to wear his shirt backwards all the time because "I don't want anything on the front of my shirt!" I guess he thought turning his shirt backwards today meant that something would end up on the front of his shirt, I don't know. Rhett wanted to wear his head backwards. Something about strings and springs...

Coming up: Halloween, obviously. I don't remember if I've said but I really wanted the boys and I to make their Halloween costume this year. I am no longer spending over $25 on nylon costumes anymore. Rhett wanted to be a football player, so I talked him into being an Old-Tyme Football Player from the 1930s. We found a Red and Black shirt, painted stripes, found some sweats and made a leather helmet out of felt (love that stuff!) and he is now going to be a 1930s Texas Tech football player. It will be cool. The only problem is that I really couldn't let go and let him help much. When I do something crafty, I want it to look just a certain way and well, I just couldn't let him mess it up. I know that sounds terrible, doesn't it?

My terrible-ness gets worse:

But I did let Rhett and Noah totally be in charge of Noah's costume. Noah wanted to be Star Boy. I was giving him ideas and said he could be "Night" and we make his face a moon and then he have glow in the dark stars all over his shirt and pants. He said, "Why don't I just be Star Boy?" Ok...

First, we found no glow-in-the-dark stars. So they had to paint them. And, let's just say, the finished product looked like something that a little girl would wear to a dance recital. All different colored stars and glitter paint does not a masculine shirt make.

So, I made a decision. I really dislike myself for it but I told Noah that he should be something else. I gave him a lame excuse like "No one will see the stars in the dark" or "Everyone will keep asking you what you are" but inside I was thinking, "Every boy on our street, save maybe one who would probably want a shirt just like it (because he is creative and sweet), would make fun of my little boy." Especially since Rhett even admitted that the shirt was a little girly. (He said it as nice as he could)

Noah is now going to be Noah the Ninja. We are using his old karate uniform and I am making a black belt for him to wear. He even has ninja swords.

By the way, Seth saw the shirt and said "No way is Noah wearing that out of the house." Too girly indeed.

To be fair, he is really excited about being a ninja, so I don't think he is scarred or feels like I am stifling his creativity, so I feel a little better about the whole thing. I just keep picturing him years later, telling his children or therapist about how his mother wouldn't let him be Star Boy and it really hurt him. Or Rhett saying to his children that his mom would never let him make his costume by himself. But I guess there are worse things. So I'll let it go now.

And maybe next year, I will just buy the darn costumes from the store.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

double double

...Rhett lost his 8th tooth yesterday evening. Then, Noah decided to be brave and have his very loose tooth pulled when Daddy got home last night. (I told him it would save a trip for the Tooth Fairy)

When I say Noah decided to be brave, I mean he really had to gear himself up for it. Every other time we would start to pull just a little, he would squeeze Rhett's hand really tight and then scream, "AAAh! AAAh! AAAh!"

Seth told him it was ready. He said he could get it but it might hurt a little. Noah said no then okay if you think you can get it then you can try if you really think you can get it now then you can do it...

And then he screamed and cried. Until Seth showed him the tooth. Then he was all smiles.

Oh and Rhett? He is now such a pro he just pulled his tooth out himself. No big deal. :)

Note: The boys do have pajama bottoms on but no top. Just thought I would clarify that.

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


...Today is National Day of Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss. This includes miscarriage and still birth. I didn't know this until a few minutes ago but feel I need to blog about it.

I have come along way since my miscarriage. I remember thinking, when it happened, that I would never get over the heartbreak, that I would never feel the same. I kept a journal for weeks following first, because I went through a period where I couldn't sleep then because it was a tool for me to heal. And I remember writing one day that it was a good day. A "normal" day. Which for me meant that I got through that day without the terrible sadness in my heart. This day it just lifted. I am thankful for that time in my life though, because I started drawing again and writing poetry. Things I used to do but stopped for one reason or another. But these are things I love.

I do think about the baby I lost every once in awhile. I wonder things and allow myself to be sad at times. But I realize how lucky I am too.

For my beautiful friends that have gone through this, know today that I will be saying an extra prayer for you and giving you {hugs}. For my beautiful friends that are going through infertility, know that I honor you today too.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

orange you glad I blogged today?

...This week has been a little busy so I haven't had the chance to blog. Or if I had time, I didn't want to sit down and organize my thoughts to write a post. But here I am today. This will be a little random so bear with me.

Noah decided he wanted to repaint his room. He had outgrown the cartoonish feel of his room and animated superheroes. So we picked out paint together and made a plan and next week I will post the finished outcome. I am still waiting on the finishing touches. Seth said he was a little upset that I was repainting his room, yet again (it has been 2 years, I say), but he really loves the way it is now. It is a big boy room. Of course, Rhett has plans for his own room now. Never ending.

On and off, I have been trying to make a candy wrapper purse. I have figured out the process, but now I am trying to get enough chip bags and such saved. I have found that it is a frustrating project and can see why they are selling for $90 and above. Furthermore, I would fault no one for spending that amount on a bag like it.

I am a Teacher PAL for the boys' teachers and am really enjoying getting things done for them. It is fun and I feel good knowing that I am helping them.

Though the Sunday School teaching experience started out rough, it is slowly getting better. I think the busier the kids are, the better. I have to say that Noah is one of the best in my class but I think he also knows "Mom's frustrated voice" better than the rest. ;)

Rhett is having fun at school and Cub Scouts. I ate lunch with him and one of his friends yesterday and he thought that was the best. I enjoyed spending time with him and thought his friend was very sweet (he offered to buy my water!) but I had a big problem with the lunch trays. Why? Because they were Styrofoam! And were being thrown away in these huge trash containers. Being a relatively green girl, I am a little appalled. What happened to the reusable lunch trays of my youth? Believe me, I am going to be looking into this. I am on the PTA, you know. (Hee hee)

Rhett is already too big for his britches and I mean that literally. I just bought him jeans in August and they are too short for him. His long sleeved shirts are 3/4 length now. Sigh.

He loves to make others laugh and he finds many things funny himself. He loves to read and play outside. He is very big into fairness--what is not fair, why it is not fair, this person did this and it isn't fair and they should know that it isn't fair and so on. I tell him to relax on many occasions because life isn't always fair. I know, it isn't fair.

Given a choice, Noah would rather skip school but I think he has fun while there. He still gets upset very easily, hates waiting and if things don't go his way, watch out. But he is also still very sweet and loving. He loves to play video games and watch tv but he is slowly starting to like playing baseball outside with his brother and he really likes soccer.

Noah has a loose tooth and could not be more excited (until Seth tried to pull it out-then he could not be more upset!). I can't believe he is already getting loose teeth. Is he really that big?

He started an art class today at an Art Institute and he had so much fun but wondered why he was the only boy. I told him I didn't know but was proud of him for doing it. He drew his self-portrait and knows that Mary Cassatt was an artist who wasn't married and didn't have kids. Impressed? Me too.

Until next time...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

a little reward

...The other day I was folding laundry that was piled on the couch and when I reached the bottom of the pile, I found this:

A sticky note heart drawn by Noah. I am pretending it was his little way of saying "Thanks Mom for doing laundry and folding my clothes for me every week." But I guess I'll take the simple "I love you" too.

My kids are known as the "funny kids" at their doctor's office. I don't know why. Could it be that last February, Rhett wore his homemade George Washington wig to a doctor's appointment and when asked about it, he answered, "What? It's George Washington's birthday!"? Maybe. When I called this morning, as soon as I said their names, the receptionist cracked up and told me she remembers that. This is a big office too. I am glad my kids are so memorable.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

so long summer

...Last night we had a sort of Farewell to Summer Supper (about a week late). Corn on the cob and pasta were enjoyed outside and then we played until dark. It is funny how Summer barbeques are always talked about when Fall is really the best time to be outside. The weather is beautiful, not to hot, not to cold. Good times.

Here is a snippet of conversation from last night:

Noah: Why do flies always rub their front arms together?
me: They are plotting their revenge. Bwa Ha Ha Ha!
Rhett: They are excited to taste the food!
Noah: Yeah!

me: So Noah, are you learning about Germany this week?
Noah: Yes. I know how to speak Germany now.
me: Tell me some words.
Noah: Well, I can tell you a story. There was a girl and a boy and I really don't remember the name or what happened (and on and on this went in a vague sort of fashion. Admittedly, I tuned out).
Rhett: Mom, I know the name of the army from Germany. The Germans!
me: Well, if you are from Germany, then you are a German.
Rhett: Oh yeah. Well, the German army was mean and put many people in jail and the women had to cook their own food.
Seth: Yes, during World War II, there were many people jailed for unfair reasons.
Noah: Do you want to hear the end of the story?