Friday, February 18, 2011

back to the old routine, hooray!

I feel I should blog about something.  After all, it has been awhile and a lot has happened.  For instance, it is nearly 100 degrees warmer than it was last week.  (We were below 0 for awhile.  Now it is in the 70s and beautiful.)  Snow? What snow?  There is no snow here!

Which means, school!  We had school every day this week.  Exciting stuff!

To make up for all those snow days, the school has decided to add 30 minutes to the day, starting on Monday until the end of school.  So the boys will now have to go until, wait for it... 4 pm! Oh no!  Actually, that is really okay by me and the boys are okay with it too once they realized they wouldn't have to go into June.  Unless something happens and snow returns.  I guess we do have one more month until spring. 

Let's see, what else?  Well, Seth had his birthday and we spoiled him with Good Cake.  This is my mom's speciality, according to the boys.  Rhett did say this though, after tasting it, "Doesn't Grandmom add whiskey to her Good Cake?"  I chuckled at that, after saying that no, I didn't think so.  It must be those Heath Bars that I don't put on mine that make the cake taste like whiskey.  ;)

By the way, doesn't my husband look so handsome?  34?  He looks not a day older than 25! :)

Then a couple of day later, we called Nana to wish her a happy birthday after going to watch Gnomio and Juliet.  My movie grade for this one:   Blah.

My project 365 hit a little snag this week because I kind of forgot to take pictures most days this week.  But fear not, I will get back on track! 

Next week we are going to start taking Boo to dog training classes.  Isn't that funny?  I figured if she was going to be a house dog, most of the time, then she needs to learn some manners.  It will be interesting for sure.  You saw what she did to my puppy training book.  So wish me luck!

Have a good weekend!!

PS-I also want to say a little "happy belated birthday" to my friend's Christy's little girl.  I know it was last week but I hope she had a wonderful first birthday! 

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Make a birthday wish for sunshine!

Hi there. It is 10 minutes until midnight and normally I would be trying to go to sleep but normally, the boys would be going to school and they are not. Again. For the 8th snow day in a row. So why do I need to go to bed when there is no reason to get up early?

Well, there is one reason.

My sweetie's birthday is tomorrow. Or 9 minutes from now. And although he wont have presents to unwrap, I do want to make sure he feels special on his day. And at least be awake when he leaves for work. Hee hee. I would make him breakfast but he prefers cereal in the morning. he is pretty low-maintenance as far as celebrations go.

Hopefully, tomorrow the boys and I can get out and do some not-so-secret birthday shopping. Seth wrote out a list for Rhett who really wants to buy his daddy something. Noah has got supper covered. He is buying Panda Express for us to devour. They want to make a cake too. At least tomorrow we won't be bored. Yea for Seth's birthday to make another snow day bearable!

Actually, Seth makes a whole lot of things more bearable. And I hope that sounds lie a compliment. Because it is supposed to be.

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband. You mean so much to the boys and me. I hope that you have a very wonderful day and even if you don't like surprises, I hope there are a few good surprises that come your way. But only if they are really good. :)

We love, love, love you.

Friday, February 04, 2011

tree in snow, four different ways

What is an inch of snow on top of 14 inches of snow really mean in the grand scheme of things?  I can tell you that the snow that is falling right now is beautiful.  Big flakes, falling slowly to the ground.  I wish I lived near a mountain where I could just walk out and go skiing or sledding with the kids.  Alas, we are here in "Green Country", a place like most of the country that is buried in snow and we don't know what to do. 

Except take pictures:
Same tree, different filter.  I love my photo editor. And my camera. 

Four days off from school and no idea if we'll get back on Monday.  Interesting month so far.
This is a view of the same tree but from an upstairs window.  I was having fun today.  I think I'll go make a loaf of bread in my bread machine now.  We are out and I'm not going anywhere...

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

yes, Boo is wearing a coat

Snow!  Lots and lots of it.  I don't think we've ever seen so much snow and the city of Tulsa sure hasn't.  It pretty much shut down most of the city and the school already called and said no on school tomorrow too!  The boys may love it, but Seth, who pretty much spent a large part yesterday shoveling snow and getting all the snow off our roof, feels differently.  Actually his words were, "I hate snow."

But it sure is fun to watch our dogs in it:

I wish I had more pictures of the boys but my camera's battery ran out of juice and then the dogs were cold and wet and happens.

In other news:
I am still taking a photo once a day.  But mostly, it is with my iphone so I haven't posted them on the blog.  I hope this makes up for the lack of pictures.  :)  Hope everyone stays warm!