Friday, April 30, 2010

The Goose written by my son

*This is a short story written by Rhett.  I am changing names in this story because he used his friends names.  But everything else is exactly what he wrote and how he wrote it.

The Goose

One day a few kids named Danny, Rhett, Cole, Joshua and Diego were walking home from school and saw a goose.  David said, "hi", to the goose.  It said hello back, and Danny fainted.  We got Danny back up and the goose said, "do you have fruit?" Joshua had some fruit and gave it to the animal.  We ran away and the goose said, Me WANT more fruit! A cookie flew out of Rhett's backpack and the weird talking animal ate it.  Shoot said Rhett, I payed Diego five bucks for that! 

When the boys got home they sat down on some couch cushions. 
That was freaky.
Yeah, really. 
Ok, Who wants noodles for supper, "said Charles."
"I do" said Rhett and Danny together.
I'm going to read.  AHH! "Where's my Limited edition Chinese bookmark," said Diego.
Let's go outside!
Rhett opened the door and a balloon floated in.  It had a note attached to it.  I am going to get you. Also, I will be wearing a suit because I just got home from work and didn't have time to change, so look out! From Goose. 
Cole said, "On second thought, let's stay in."
Diego said (while chewing) "I have an idea"! We can seal the door with glue! 
To risky. 
On Tuesday, they day they had to use their brains.
We could put a piece of bread in a bushel.  While he's eating we can whap him with a bamboo stick and knock him out. 
The Next day...
It worked!

The End?

Friday, April 23, 2010

my dictionary is equally as awesome

I just recently (and by recently, I mean really just now!) found a website and name of a book that I really want to read.  1000 Awesome Things is the name of the website (book is called The Book of Awesome) and I guess everyday it posts something awesome.  I have only read a few but already love it.

Especially because it is so true!

For example:  #523 When you learn a new word and then suddenly start seeing it everywhere. 

Just this week that has happened to me!  I was reading an article in a magazine and came across a word describing an actor who is now deceased (and I wish I could remember who but that isn't important).  The word: mysogynist.  Now I have heard of masochistic from the Twilight books.  Poor vampire Edward likes to inflict pain upon himself by hanging out with human Bella.  But mysogynist was new.  Looking it up I found it meant hatred of women.  (So I do wish I could remember that guy's name).  Now I have been seeing it everywhere this week!  Which is sad in a way.  Is there really a lot of misogamy going on?  Shame. 

Anyway, my point is that is weird.  And awesome in a strange way because now I know how to say it correctly (not miss o gom me its mi saw ga me) and now I can offended when I read it or hear it in discussion.  :)

You want to know something else that is awesome?  Well, I think we found a house in Tulsa!  I'm no misoneist (hatred or fear of change) so I am very excited.  I am already planning on what I want to do to decorate.  Yes, my dictionary is open to the miso- words and I found that one.  Am I misleading you to think I knew that word from the top of my mommy brain?  I think I want to make some miso someday but thinking of miso makes me miss my friend Cathy, who probably would tell me that if I made miso, it would be a misplay. :)  This is fun.  You should try it! It is...awesome.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 things I like about Noah

  • The other day when Rhett was talking about the girl he likes, he wondered aloud if she liked him.  Noah answered quickly, "Of course she does!"  Rhett asked, "How do you know?"  Noah said, "You're handsome!"
  • Noah can imitate the boy from the movie "Up" so spot on.  Especially when the boy says, "I'm tired. My feet hurt. I have to go to the bathroom."  So hilarious.
  • When Noah is happy, he is so happy.  When he is not, he definitely is not.  There is no in-between with this fella.
  • He still loves cheese more than any other food.  Except when it is on broccoli.  Then he will go without it. 
  • Noah likes a girl too but when hasn't he?  Such a charmer. 
  • When he wants something, he doesn't forget it.  Right now, he really wants a Yorkie webkinz.  Everyday he asks for it and then he says, "I just really miss Raider!" (Nana and Pop's yorkie) and cries. 
  • His best friend spent the night with us the other night and they probably said 10 words to each other the whole time.  Not because they were fighting-but because they playing video games.  They both love the Wii and the DS so much, which is probably why they are best friends.
  • Noah has stopped wanting to go to Sunday School, instead wanting to just stay with Seth and me during church.  Then we proceed to play hang-man the entire time.  That is bad to admit, isn't it?
  • Noah hates to lose.  He hates not getting his way.  He is lovable but if you get on his bad side, watch out. He gives the best hugs and he will always be my baby. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

ten things I like about Rhett

Rhett is almost 9 and a half and is growing up in every way.  Somedays he sounds like a teenager, which is a little scary.  Here are some more things about my oldest son:
  • He loves the Yankees and doesn't care what those who love to hate them think about that.
  • He has apparently gotten over his "Girls? Who cares?" stage and has admitted to liking one that is in his class.  But, I've already said too much so that is all you get.
  • Ok, one more thing.  He does push-ups before seeing this girl. 
  • He talks about how he and one of his friends thinksSelena Gomez is "hot" but doesn't think Miranda Cosgrove is.  Why? I ask.  Carly (from iCarly) is so cute and on a better show in my opinion.  (Wizards of Waverly Place? Really?)
  • He has a way of making Noah so mad.  I don't know how he does it but he has that special knack.
  • He is a good friend.  Very loyal and kind and caring.  He makes them feel good about themselves, even if it is just by laughing at their jokes. 
  • He loves baseball.  So glad we found out that Tulsa has a summer league too, otherwise we would have been in hot water.
  • He loves steak.  Everytime we go out to eat he says "I want steak."  Or "Orange Chicken from Panda Express."  But mostly steak.
  • He will argue with you and not let things go and is very stubborn.  Now you all can go, "I know where he gets that from" and even if you are thinking of different people, you still would probably be right.
  • He is considerate and tells me thank you, all the time.
Come back tomorrow.  I can't leave Noah out.  He doesn't like that...

Monday, April 12, 2010

it's just one of those days

Joshua Radin sings a wonderful song called "One of Those Days".

It's chorus goes like this:

So I crawl underneath my blanket
Where I can hide away
I know I can't take it
'Cause I see now
It's just one of those days.

I like this song, especially on days like this.  (I know, already? Yes)

  • I woke up this morning and had to say good-bye to my husband again.  This week-long absence from him is getting old.
  • While making a smoothie for the boys, my blender begins smoking. 
  • I pour the hot water from my kettle to my cup and out comes a fly.
  • I am going to make eggs for myself and I drop one on the floor.
  • I had to tell the boys that the fish were going to a new home today.  Cries ensue.

I am sitting here now, drinking a cold cup of tea (new water! new cup!), listening to Joshua Radin's "Brand New Day" and laughing about how sometimes a Monday is a Monday.  I am remembering that we had a great weekend: looking at houses, watching "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," enjoying the sunshine and friends yesterday, and having Seth here.  And after writing this, I am going to attempt to make myself breakfast and exercise before cleaning out the fish tank.  I guess the day goes on...

It's a brand new day
The sun is shining
It's a brand new day
For the first time in such a long, long time
I know I'll be okay