Tuesday, March 31, 2009

paging dr. Rhett

...The nurses loved him. He was such a trooper. As you can probably tell, the surgery went very well and he even got some souvenirs.And although tonight he is very tired (he was awake by 5 am!) he still didn't want to go to bed. Here's hoping he sleeps well tonight...

Monday, March 30, 2009

cool finds

Onion goggles. Love it. I had cutting onions because everytime, my eyes become a stinging, watery, mascara running mess. I have tried everything (burning a candle, sticking my head in the freezer, not breathing) to no avail. I know sticking an onion in the fridge will help that problem, but I do not plan that far ahead. Which is why I want these.
Drumstick pencils may have to be in my boys' easter baskets. Such a cool idea (for home, not for school--I love teachers and wouldn't do that to them!).

Chopstick kids. My kids love trying to eat with chopsticks but just can't get it yet. Aren't these so cute?

keep reading...there is a post below too!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

blog then sleep

...Tonight, I cannot sleep. Too many thoughts about the week ahead. Rhett's trigger finger surgery on Tuesday, my friend's baby's memorial service on Saturday...a lot to take.

So, I'll blog.
First, here is a picture of the beautiful Oklahoma sky the day before the rain fell. The day before the rain was supposed to turn to snow and then we were going to get 3-8 inches of the white stuff by yesterday.
As you can see from this picture taken this afternoon, we didn't exactly get 3-8 inches. And what we did get (maybe, almost an inch) didn't stick around long. But I am not going to complain. It was gorgeous here today and Noah and I enjoyed the outdoors, swinging and jumping on the trampoline while Rhett and Seth went to Cub Scouts and Lowe's where they saw Rhett's first grade teacher (much to his surprise--teachers actually leave the school?), a dog and a lady with a monkey. Yes, a monkey. In Lowe's. They checked twice. The picture is of my shadow by the way, swinging with my scarf blowing in the wind.
Noah didn't want to take any shadow pictures, so he settled on making faces. Can you see his front teeth growing in? Big kid.
Because I haven't taken any pictures of me lately (shadow pictures do not count), here are a couple of me. I really like them. Which is a big thing for me to say.
It is almost April and I think I am going to set a goal this month to save money on groceries. Krista has inspired me. I have organized my dreaded coupon folder so I can find the ones I need easier and I won't be the lady with the envelope full of coupons at the check-out that everyone hates. I also read somewhere that you shouldn't bother buying canned or packaged food organically because processing pretty much takes away the benefits anyway.
I am also thinking of changing the colors of my blog again. You know, more spring-like colors. What do you think? What colors would you like to see here? I mean, you do come here to read and it should be something you like. Let me know.
Okay, it is past 1 am and I should try to go to sleep now. Have a wonderful day and I'll let you know how Rhett is on Tuesday. Wish him luck.

Friday, March 27, 2009

awaiting the snow

...Even though the plant thing is annoying, I do love snow. I think it gives everyone a chance to just--stop.

Stop living the hurried, frenzied, move from one thing to another without any breath kind of life and just breathe for a moment. Enjoy your family, enjoy the rest, enjoy the break from all that.

When it snows a lot, it makes me think of a white sheet of paper. A blank canvas just waiting to be painted on. Then slowly, it does: with little kids' footprints and the adults that follow them, with snow angels and snowmen with colorful scarves. with sled tracks and dog tracks (and what dogs do is even more evident--gosh, am I a mom of boys or what? I was thinking of writing what dogs do do...and I am still laughing about it!)

I wait every year for a snow storm like we are expecting and most years I am disappointed. This year I was expecting to be disappointed again but no, a late season (or is it early spring season) surprise. I just hope it won't melt too fast so we can enjoy it Saturday.

So, if you happen to live where it is snowing today or tomorrow, and hopefully do not have to drive in it or live in an RV (sorry Justin and Holly!), then enjoy the break!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

two things, edited

...Noah isn't feeling well this morning. He is happy to just watch tv under the covers in the family room. Not that he is not ever happy just watching tv but this morning is different. He didn't even ask. He was laying on the couch, not moving, not asking to watch tv or play ds. I knew something was up. So we'll probably spend the day hanging out at home.

edited: Noah is feeling better. He actually wants to go to school. Woo hoo! I think he has a cold.

I am getting ready for a spring snow storm headed our way. I am unsure what plants in my butterfly garden to protect. And when should I cover them? It may rain this afternoon or tonight. Do I wait and do it in the rain before dark? Do I cover it in the morning, in the rain before it turns to snow? I have never covered plants before but since I was so excited to plant my flowers two weeks before I should have, I kind of have to now.

Live and learn.

again, edited: I just pulled out two of my saliva plants and put them in pots. Just for this weekend, they will be safe and sound indoors.

I don't know if any of this is even interesting to you, but these are things that have been on my mind today.

I hope my family and friends in the Texas Panhandle are safe and sound this weekend too. I know they are expected to get blizzard-like conditions. So, stay warm!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ugg, warm weather means no more boots

...The pro and con of owning a pair of Ugg boots.

Pro: They are so comfortable and wonderful that you will never want to wear another pair of shoes.again..ever.

Con: They are so comfortable and wonderful that you will never want to wear another pair of shoes again...ever.

The weather is slowly warming up which means that I probably cannot get by with wearing my boots anymore. (I still wear them around the house at night and anytime my feet are cold). The warm weather is nice, don't get me wrong. However, my feet are so used to the softness and non-squeezing fit of the Ugg boot that any other shoe I wear produces blisters and soreness. I have officially spoiled my feet. And now they are reacting violently.

Right now I am wearing a pair of Sketchers that I am sure last year would have been just fine. I probably would not have cared that they rub on the heels. Now I keep kicking them off so my feet have a break. Don't even ask me about a pair of mary janes/wedges that I have. I think they are darling, until I place them on my feet. Then I hate them because they feel like they are suffocating my toes.


Anyone else ready for flip flops?

update: So, it is going to snow on Friday. Which means I have a couple more cold weather days to wear my boots! Ha! Ha!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dutch Oven Lasagna

...Last night I made lasagna in my cast-iron dutch oven and it turned out really well! I took pictures of my steps because I am trying to take more pictures and post them on my blog and also just in case you ever want to try it. A dutch oven is a heavy cooking pot that can be used on your stovetop or oven. That is why I love it. I can do all the cooking steps in one pot. Awesome.
I browned one part hamburger meat and one part mild italian sausage. Seth would have liked more sausage so maybe next time I'll do that. I drained the meat then set it aside while making the sauce. The sauce is so easy: Just chop one onion and one garlic, saute in 1/4 c olive oil, then add tomato paste (I used 1 1/2 T of the tube tomato paste) and 14 oz crushed tomatoes and 14 oz water. Add seasonings to taste (a little crushed red pepper, oregano, salt and pepper) and cook until thickened. That is it. After it was to the consistency that I wanted, I added half of the meat (to equal about 1 pound). I placed all of that in a separate bowl.
Then, I mixed together the filling. 15 oz of Ricotta cheese, 3 eggs, 3/4 c shredded cheese (I used Italian cheese blend), a few handfuls of chopped spinach and salt and pepper.
The layering came next. In the dutch oven, I spread 1/2 c. tomato sauce/meat mixture. Then I layered oven-ready lasagna noodles (you can see I had to break them apart to fit), the ricotta filling, the Italian blend cheese and also mozzarella and parmesan cheese and then more sauce. I did that 3 times.

Ready for the oven. 35o degrees for about 40 minutes.

And it is done! It is always good for it to rest awhile before digging in. That way it holds together better.

Monday, March 23, 2009

we have pictures

First I have to say that my sweet friends lost their littlest baby this past Thursday. I don't know how it feels to experience a loss like this but have to say they are the some of the strongest people I know. They have such faith and seem so at peace with Brady's passing.

It was also Spring Break last week and the boys and I headed to Albuquerque, NM with my parents to meet my sister Jana and Isabel. It was an extremely short trip with lots of driving, but it was very fun. And guess what? I have pictures!!!!

A view from the top of Sandia Peak. We took a tram on the day we were leaving and although it was nerve-racking for Rhett going up the mountain, he finally loosened up and enjoyed himself. Noah and Rhett loved playing in the little snow that was there. The views were beautiful.
Isabel and Noah and Rhett with Grandad. High Noon was the restaurant we ate in after going to the Science Museum. Rhett loved the name and even mentioned that there were lots of names of movies at this place: High Noon, Rio Bravo Burger, ect. Thanks to daddy for the Western movie influence.

Isa and Rhett acting like a blowfish at the Aquarium. It was a great little aquarium. Loved the atmosphere of it.

Another view of Sandia Peak. You can see why the ski area was closed.
Now I am going to attempt to make lasagna in my cast-iron dutch oven. Just experimenting. I'll let you know how it goes...

Friday, March 13, 2009


...I am totally breaking my Lent promise not to be on the internet in the morning. My preacher says that we can do the things we gave up on Sundays (because they are mini-Easters) but I never get on the internet on Sunday morning anyway so I figure I am just using my free day of the week.

I feel like I haven't blogged in awhile. So here is a little update:

*I took some pictures of the boys! They are cute. I will upload them sometime. I am just on the wrong computer (I am full of excuses today)

*We had one last shot of winter this week. I had just planted some bulbs last weekend so I hope they survived. Surely. You know, I had great plans on making my backyard a beautiful wildflower/prairie/meadow. I even checked out some books at the library. I was so excited. Then I saw all the work. And I had to admit to myself that I can't even get my front flower bed to look nice. So I am putting that plan on the back burner for now and I am going to concentrate on making my front flower bed a butterfly garden. Wish me luck. This not-quite-green thumb needs it.

*Noah has started soccer and has his 2nd game tomorrow. That is if it is not too cold. He is funny. He will play so hard the first 2 minutes then he gets so tired! I told him he needs to run sprints at home. That went over well. Mr. I would rather play video games than do anything else is not exactly thrilled to be told to do something active.

*Books. I haven't talked about what I have been reading lately. Right now I am reading Revolutionary Road, The Trouble With Boys (more about that later), Guyland, and a bunch of natural stomach care books. Oh, can't forget the two how to grow your own wildflower garden books.

*My friends could still use your prayers if you have them. If you want to read updates look here.

*Spring Break is next week! If it is your break too, then I hope you do something fun. And relaxing. And if your kids are home too, then I am sorry. Ha Ha! Just kidding. Sort of.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

newspapers--a thing of the past?

...Yesterday, I was cleaning and organizing Rhett's room (and even moved his furniture around--it looks really nice now) and I found a newspaper I had saved when the space shuttle Columbia broke up upon re-entry in 2003. First, I thought, "Wow. I am sure back then I had no idea I would become so interested in space and astronauts. Interesting that I kept this." Then I thought, "I guess there really is no reason to keep it though. If Rhett and Noah want to know about it they can look it up on the internet."

So I trashed it. I mean, I recycled it. :)

Has the internet made keeping things like newspapers, well, archaic? With Google, you can look up anything and I am sure that one little newspaper pales in comparision.

Honestly, I think the internet is making newspapers themselves archaic. (Sorry Dad.) You can get a whole wealth of information just from our home page. And our newspaper (that we get every Wednesday and Sunday) is getting smaller and smaller but also more expensive.

Maybe I should have saved that newspaper. Then when I am a grandmother, I could show my grandkids what I used to read. They will look at it in amazement, much like my sons looked when they saw a rotary phone or a cassette tape.

Just my thoughts for today...

Friday, March 06, 2009

a prayer request

edited to add: My friend has 3 babies, all of which are doing remarkably well! Yay!

...My friend, who is pregnant with triplets, is having her babies today. She is 30 weeks today. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. This wasn't quite the plan so I hope, hope, hope everything is okay.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

some things about Noah

...Friday night, Noah and I were listening to the radio in the car after dropping Rhett off at a birthday party. We heard on the show I was listening to that teachers in a state I don't remember, maybe Oregon, were suing higher-ups (the school admin or the state) because they had removed their vending machines in the teacher's lounge. Apparently, it is going to the state supreme court now. But that really is the important part of my story (hence the reason why I can't remember the details). The important part of my story is that the man telling the story (his name is Drew) was joking that he guessed everyone was afraid the teachers would drink their diet cokes in front of the kids and tease them or even worse! share their drinks with their students. End of story. Or so I thought.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. We were in the car driving to Rhett's chiropractor appointment and Noah turns to him and said, "Rhett, do you know teachers are making kids drink Diet Coke?"

Rhett says, "Oh yeah." (Because he always knows everything) He says, "Teachers drink diet coke. I know in my school's teacher's lounge they have all kinds of great stuff."

Noah says, "No, Rhett. They are making the kids drink it. Diet coke!"

I am laughing by now because I know what he is talking about and I decide to set him straight. I would hate for him to go to school thinking his teacher was going to force him to drink Diet Coke.

This morning, I am laying on the floor after moving some furniture around and Noah is laying beside me. (I have an improved family room now. If I ever pick my camera up again, I'll take a picture and post it). He asks, "Mom, do girls like really hairy guys?"

Of course they do. (Noah already has so much hair on his arms and legs. Crazy. So now you know why I said yes).

"Good. That is what Dad says too. I was afraid they would look at my arms and go 'Woah!'"

Noah, you are a very handsome fellow. Any girl would be lucky to have you.

"Aww, thanks mom."