Tuesday, October 31, 2006

trick or treat

...and Happy Halloween! These are the boys costumes this year. (Noah felt he need make-up too and with his mask it looks really cool but he didn't want to wear his mask so he just looked really tired!) We went to Haunt the Zoo on Saturday night so they got to wear their costumes early. Tonight we do it again.

Have a spooky day!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

the four D's

...Today, the fam and I tried out a new church. It is a fairly new church (meaning small) and we were impressed with it the minute we got there. The minister is a fast-talker (reminding me of Gilmore Girls fast-talking, if you watch that show) and I honestly love it--but it was hard to keep up with him during recitation! But he was so down-to-earth and had such a great message. I would like to share it what I can remember with you now.

Basically, it was how to make your life easier. And it came down to the Four D's. Delete, Delay, Delegate, and Do it now.

Delete: all those things that is an extra-stress causing, life-cluttering, time-stealing, not really worth it in the long run, waste of your life so you can focus on things that really matter. He brought up all those hours watching tv (guilty as charged--as you can see from my Gilmore Girls reference to our preacher!). Now I don't watch during the day, unless I have loads of laundry to fold and I only turn on the tv at night after the boys are in bed, but then I just sit there and watch. I love my tv shows, but do I really need to watch The Nine when I don't even like what is going on? No. So my goal is to really cut down on watching at night.

Delay: all those things that don't need to be done right away or else! like cleaning your garage (that was his example) to again, focus on the people in your life that need a friend or a helping hand or just a hug. I really am good at procrastinating on doing chores so I liked this one. I do need to work on why I am procrastinating. Procrastinating just to do so is not what the preacher was talking about. But if I choose to spend time with my kids to make them feel loved instead of fold that load of laundry, then that is okay. And we need to be okay with that.

Delegate: all those things that that don't HAVE to be done by you. I loved his example: That is why we have kids--to take out the trash and mow the lawn! Kidding aside, it is fine to ask for help. It is great when someone wants to help you. It is awesome when you help someone else. No one alone. (from Buzz Lightyear: Star Command)

Do it now: do all these things so you can concentrate on the things that really matter: loving God with all your heart and your mind and your soul and loving your neighbor. Those are his commandments.

I know, it sounds a lot simpler than it really is. It is hard not to be selfish and to love all people. It is hard to be a Christian in this world today. This world has so much hatred in it, so much anger and bitterness. But I love when I find the good in people. Just today, when shopping at the grocery store, I tried smiling more to people. And you know what? People were more open to talking to me, they were friendlier and that made me feel happy.

Here's hoping you find happiness this week too.

Friday, October 27, 2006

my list of things to-do

...for today:
1. Laundry
2. Clean house
3. Think good thoughts for my brother. I hope the weight on his shoulders and his heart is lifted after today.

...for this weekend:
1. Spend time with Seth. He has been working non-stop this past week and we miss him.
2. Bake. I want to get a jump ahead of the upcoming holidays.
3. Scrapbook. I haven't done a layout in 2 weeks. The creative part in my mind is itching for something to do.
4. Go to the neighborhood fall festival. This should be fun for the boys. I never know about these things. Do the kids wear costumes? They never mention the word, "halloween" so I never know.

Yes, I know this has to be the most boring post ever. I don't even have any excuse for it. When I don't use the creative part of my mind, it falls asleep. Seriously. ...Okay, that was an excuse. Here's another: I got the FluMist yesterday and while it was much better than a shot (especially for Rhett who was high-fiving the nurse after it was over--remember he is terrified of shots), it made me so tired. I went to be early last night and still today I am dragging. Let's see if I can think of another...nope. Sorry. All tapped out. Signing off now.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

we've been hit

...by the neighborhood phantom. Don't worry, it is not bad. I actually have never heard of this game, but apparently, one person gives 3 neighbors a treat, then they must in turn, give 3 of their neighbors treats and so on. But it has to be anonymous. So the tricky part for me is to get the boys to ring the bell of the neighbors houses we choose, then run as fast as they can away from the house. Hopefully, no one will be home. I can just see Noah just standing around waiting for the door to open, then let himself into the house to play. He loves other people's houses. I will let you know how it goes.

Other Halloween news: We carved a pumpkin yesterday into the shape of a skeleton. I know the boys wanted the little saw, but I just couldn't let them have it. I told them maybe the next one. I know it is too early to be carving a pumpkin because it is already looking sad, but it was rainy outside and we were bored.

We also made yummy cupcakes yesterday, as if we need more sweets for the holiday. But, in my defense, it was rainy outside and we were bored. (I know, I already used that excuse.) I did let them do most the work here. They had a lot of fun.

We also tried putting fake cobwebs outside our house, but the wind blew them into my fake flowers and it was a big, REAL mess trying to pull it apart. So that idea was a bust. Oh well.

I, for one, will be glad when this tooth-decaying holiday is over. Halloween is fun and all, but it has been one long month of it, you know?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

just say no

...This week is Red Ribbon Week for schools and as you all probably know, students wear silly things like slippers to school to promote Drug-free awareness. I have no problem with this. My problem is...have you ever tried to talk to a 5-year-old about how to stay away from drugs? If not, here is how the conversation would go:

the mom (on Monday): So, it is Red Ribbon Week. Do you know what the red ribbons are for?
the son: Yes. (rolling his eyes) It is for you to wear.
the mom: But do you know why?
the son: ummm
the mom: This week is all about teaching you about drugs. There are some really bad drugs out there that you need to stay away from and...
the son: What's a drug?
the mom: Well, you know when a doctor gives you drugs when you are sick? It is medicine that makes you feel better. But some drugs are not meant to be taken because they make you even sicker. If anyone besides a doctor offers you drugs, do not take them because they can make you sick.
the son: Okay, okay.
the mom: Do you understand?
the son: Yes! Do not take drugs from anyone, especially doctors.
the mom (knowing this conversation is doomed): No, you can take drugs from doctors. They know what they are doing.
the son: No! If they offer you drugs, it can make you sick.
the mom (frustration level rising): Not doctors! They give you medicine to help you feel better. But if one of your classmates or another kid from your school or even a stranger tries to give you drugs, then you should say "no" and walk away.
the son: Why?
the mom (rising even higher): I just told you why! Drugs are bad. They are not meant to be taken for fun.
the son (getting upset too): Fine!
the mom (trying to calm down): So, did you talk about drugs today at school?
the son: No.
the mom: They didn't try to explain why they gave you the ribbon?
the son: No. They just gave it to me. I don't know why.
the mom (giving up): Eat your dinner.

I need one of those pamplets that tell you how to talk to your child about drugs. Because after that conversation, all I could imagine is that commercial where they cracked an egg, which was your brain, and fried it. That is how I felt. So, while I commend schools for helping children learn about drugs, they need to send home notes to tell what they talked about that day. Wouldn't that make life easier for everyone?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

dinner with friends

...On Sunday night, we had a couple over to eat with us. They both work with Seth and we have known them for a few years, since we all lived in Midland before moving up here this summer. The only reason I am mentioning this dinner is because the boys were so excited that they were coming over. They talked of nothing else the whole week! And our friends didn't disappoint. She brought brownies just for them and he watched Buzz Lightyear with them. Then the boys brought out the game Hullabaloo. If you haven't heard of this game, here is a quick explaination: There are pads of different colors that you put on the floor. Each pad has a food, instrument or animal. There is a "box with a man trapped inside" (Noah's explaination) that shouts out instructions: Skip to a circle. Spin to an animal. Now make the animal noise. It is a fun kid game. Anyway, the boys wanted all of us to play it. Our friends are such troopers because they did. They have very big hearts and have helped us out so much since moving here and playing a twister-like game with Rhett and Noah just proved how good of people they are.


This next part is from Rhett:

When I woke up, I saw the money. Thanks Tooth Fairy for the $1 coin and the penny. Thank you for note too. I didn't hear you when you came in. I can't believe you live in a mouth. Do you have sisters? Do you like KitKats? My mom is really pretty. Do you have a dad? I have a clock. It is really cool. It is in the kitchen. The kitchen is red. It is pretty cool. You would like it. My dad doesn't like he is waked up by other kids in the middle of the night. Tooth Fairy, do you have any toys? Man, is it cold out there? What state do you live in? I really want to know? Um, bye Tooth Fairy. From, Rhett.

(I promise I didn't tell him to say the thing about his mom! This is pure Rhett. Talk, talk, talk. And I honestly don't know how the penny got there either. When the tooth fairy came, she left just the dollar. Maybe she came again? Or maybe her husband?)

Monday, October 23, 2006

oh, Tooth Fairy

...you need to come to our house tonight! Rhett has lost his tooth!

It was so loose this morning that he let me pull it out. I wasn't sure I could do it. I still remember being the pulled, not the puller. (One time, my dad pulled my tooth out with my mouth full of peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What a guy!)

But , we did it in 2 tries. He was so excited! After telling daddy, he told me to make sure and write a note (that is his word for email or blog) to everyone.

R: Write a note to Grandmom about my tooth.

me: Ok, Rhett.

R: And Nana.

me: Ok, Rhett.

R: Oh and Nicolas!

And I am sure if we did not have to go to the bus stop, he would have had a much longer list that of family members that need to know. :)

Can you believe it? I am starting to get a mushy feeling, so I better go...

Friday, October 20, 2006

going to the movies (edited at bottom)

...I told the boys that we could go see a movie today. I really want to see Flicka, the boys want to see Open Season. I wonder who will win in this situation? I will have to wait until Flicka is out on video, I guess. :)

There are so many movies out on video that I want to see but just haven't yet. These are the movies that I wanted to see when they were out in the theaters but we just didn't. For starters, the prices are getting ridiculously high. I figure I can wait a few more months until it is on dvd. And for the most part, I can. I think Flicka is a book. Maybe I will read the book first. They are always better than the movie anyway.

I watched a really good movie the other day. North County. If you have not watched this yet, then make time for it. I thought it would be like other woman rights in the workplace movies, (like the Sally Field movie--Norma Ray--is that the spelling or the right name of the movie?) and a lot of it was similar. But this movie really touched me. I cried and cried. The father-daughter parts especially were so moving.

There are movies that no matter how many times I watch, I will cry. I think I cry harder each time because I know what is going to happen. But I love watching them. Here are my top tearjerkers with the parts that make me cry (so if you haven't watched them and don't want to know, stop reading!)

1. Castaway: The part where Wilson is lost forever and Tom Hanks character just breaks down makes me tear up but the part where I really cry is when he and Helen Hunt's character breakdown and reveal how much they love each other but they realize they can't be together. How sad is that!
2. Steel Magnolias: Of course. But I cried worse at this movie when I became a mother. Same goes for the other Shirley Maclaine movie with Debra Winger. What is that one called?
3. Backdraft: My love for Kurt Russell makes this one a top tearjerker. I just bawl. Seth laughs at me. It is a sad sight to see.
4. The Fox and the Hound: I can't even watch this movie because of the ending. I know it is coming and with the boys in the room, I have to leave. The other day while at Grandmom's house, the boys watched it with her and I walked in the last 2 minutes and started boo-hooing. I warned my mom it was sad and could see that it got to her too.

I am almost positive that Open Season won't be a tearjerker, so I don't think I'll bring my tissues. Have a great Friday!

eta: Okay, we saw Open Season and although it wasn't the best, it wasn't the worst either. There were a few funny moments. And I'll have to add The Family Stone to my "cry list" because I have watched it at least 5 times now and cry everytime. It also has some really funny moments too. Holly helped me think of that one, so thanks friend!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


...the colors, the cool air, the falling leaves are just so breathtaking! We took a little hike (Rhett's word for our walk) yesterday and collected leaves, which we later used to make leaf mobiles that now hang in their rooms. We also stopped at a small park so the boys could swing.

They didn't complain once about the chilly air, but I did have a hard time convincing them that they needed to wear coats and hats. They are warm weather children, what can I say?

Good times.


Even more amazing news:

Noah can write his name! He has been trying for awhile now and has written everything from NOON to NOHA (my fave) but yesterday he gave Rhett his autograph (that is Rhett's thing lately--he wants everyone to give him his autograph) and he wrote NOAH. Yay! He showed his dad last night and after writing it, Noah said, "I need to practice a lot more." This coming from a boy who does not like to sit down and color for more than 2 minutes. I guess he is growing up.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i'm better now

...I got all my negativity out of my system. Really, Seth. :) Even after I tried to paint the office in a way that would allow us not to move the furniture and it didn't work out as plan. So after all the taping and measuring, I am back to square one. But I am choosing to breathe deeply and try to do something else for awhile.

Today is the start of Rhett and Noah's fall break so this morning we went to the library and I think this afternoon we will go for a nature walk. The trees are just beautiful and I want to get some pictures. We'll have to bundle up because it is cold, but it will be worth it, at least for me. I am so excited about fall this year. So expect some pictures tomorrow of the pretty leaves. :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

women and men

...ok, mostly men. Just a few questions:

1. Why does the average male not care about having your picture made? Or having a photo made of your entire family? I could name names but I won't. I will say, although my husband was hard enough to convince about having a photographer come to our house over Thanksgiving, it was my brother's lack of caring about it that really annoyed me. (Hey, I didn't name anyone!)

2. Why does the average male not realize that he has indeed annoyed you? Are they really oblivious or do they act that way so they won't have to deal with it? I really want to know the answer to this one.

3. Why is it when you make a meal that takes an hour to prepare, the males in your house either a) do not like it or b) do not comment about it but when you fix frozen chicken strips, frozen tator tots and a quick veggie they are all praise? (quick note: my sweetie usually is very good at commenting about my meals. But he did look excited about the chicken strips. A little too excited. Hmmm...)

4. Why does the average female even let any of this bother her? (I am hoping I am considered average, only in this instance. Hee Hee!)

Monday, October 16, 2006

elephant, elephant

...Rhett has this book that he colored at school. It is about the zoo (because they are going to the zoo tomorrow) and it has 12 words per page, 10 being repeated over and over on each page: "Elephant, Elephant", I said at the zoo. "Elephant, Elephant", I like you. "Giraffe, Giraffe", I said at the zoo. "Giraffe, Giraffe", I like you. And so on. Well, he reads this book to Noah a lot. So much that tonight Noah read it to me. It was so cute. I was so amazed at both of them. And it was so funny to hear them try to say, "Chimpanzee." It came out "perpanzee."

Then, Rhett read the words on the back page. It was a list of animals. I know that he has most of them memorized, but he actually sounded out the word "penguin." He was really reading. So cool.

Now, about their clothing choices. This is what happens when I talk to long on the phone with my mom and dad before their bedtime. They go in their closets, find last year's Christmas sweaters, their caps and long socks and put an outfit together. Yes, they are silly. And I wouldn't want them any other way!

happy birthday Dad!

...I hope you have had a wonderful day!

We love you!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

sunday funnies

...So today I was reading the new TV Week in the Sunday paper and they have a section called TV Forum which I always find so hilarious. People can comment on any tv-related topics by calling a phone number. Here are some questions by the Oklahoman public: "I would like to request that they cancel Friday Night Lights in Oklahoma, because it's about Texas football." Wait, it gets better... "How much older is Dick Clark than Bob Barker? Dick Clark doesn't look a day over 40, but Bob Barker looks dead." And finally, "Geraldo is twice as good as Anderson Cooper. So I propose that Geraldo has a show called 720 degrees." And there is always a comment about the Family Feud show. At first I wondered why they even have this column. Is it supposed to be funny? Are we supposed to feel sad for these people? And why do I read it every week? It is like a bad car wreck. I cannot keep from reading it every Sunday. What is even worse is that it is the very first thing I read from the paper. I know. Sad, isn't it?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

pumpkins aren't just for pie

or for carving jack o' laterns. You can also make pumpkin pancakes! Yummy!

Friday night is usually Breakfast for Dinner night around here, but that night we are going to Rhett's school's Fall Festival so I decided to have it on a Thursday night instead. And, also, making breakfast is always quicker and uses a lot less pans and I was tired because I cleaned house all day, so that is thee main reason why I decided to have pancakes.

Anyway, because it is fall, I decided to add a little spice to my pancakes. I found the recipe in Martha Stewart Living and they were wonderful. Here is the recipe in case you want to try it. And I really recommend that you do.

Pumpkin Pancakes
1 1/4 c flour
2 T sugar
2 t baking powder
1/2 t each cinnamon, ground ginger, and salt
1/8 t nutmeg
pinch of ground cloves

Whisk these ingredients together. Then add,

1 c milk
6 T canned pumpkin puree
2 T melted butter
1 egg

Stir until combined. Melt some butter in a skillet over med. heat; pour in 1/4 c batter for each pancake. Cook pancakes about 3 minutes per side; serve with butter and syrup. Makes 8-10 (from Martha Stewart Living Oct 06)

Have a great weekend and Happy 6th Birthday Nicolas on Sunday!

more birthdays coming

...this weekend. My nephew's, my dad's and my grandmother's are the 15th, 16th and 17th, respectively. (I have always wanted to use that word that way!) Sad for us, we won't be there to celebrate any of them. Rhett and Noah are pretty sad that they won't be at Nicolas' birthday party. The first time in 4 years. Maybe next year...

This layout is about my dad. Noah put on Grandad's boots and was being silly. I, of course, decided to scrapbook the moment. The journaling reads: these are Noah's grandad's boots--my dad's. My dad is a great man--hard worker, wonderful storyteller, and so smart. I hope Noah learns from him what it takes to fill a good man's shoes.

I am finding myself using dadism's (dad's wisdom) more and more now. Just the other day, Rhett was trying to zip his coat (me: Do you need help? R: No, I got it.) and got it stuck. So stuck I had to take his coat off of him the hard way because I couldn't get it unstuck. What did I say while doing this? "Rhett, you are more trouble than a goat." Ha! My dad told me that so many times. And I think all of his grandchildren use "Bad Business" because of him. My favorite was the time when he, while trying to get Rhett and Nicolas to stop crawling all over him, called those two boys: Pande and Monium. (hopefully, he meant it as wild uproar and not the other definition you'll find under the word) Anyway, my dad keeps us laughing, that is sure.

Here's hoping all three have a wonderful birthday!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

d.o.g.s. are watching

...my son's school, that is. Watch D.O.G.S. or Dads of Great Students is a group of fathers (duh) that literally hang around the school and watch out for the kids. They also help out at the school. When Seth went to the first meeting a month ago, I didn't think much about it. I thought it was nice. Then, the wave of school shootings happened. And, honestly, I didn't think about it then either. I think I was blocking those things from my mind because if I gave it a seconds thought, I would have connected those with "oh my son goes to school...I hope he is safe." and that would have been overwhelming. But Seth mentioned it and I finally realized that I need to be aware of these things. I also saw a little blurb in the school's newsletter about how they need the Watch D.O.G.S more than ever. Just having men present in the hallways makes the school safer.

But I didn't really appreciate it until Monday. That day, while picking Rhett up from school, I noticed two fathers helping with the pick-up. They were taking children to their cars. One was a pretty big man. Instantly, my heart felt relief. Those men are taking time out from their work to take care of my son and other mother's children. Keeping them safe and keeping the other parents from worrying so much. Because if a school shooting can occur in an Amish community, then it can occur anywhere. So I am very thankful for those dads. And I am very thankful for the school for doing their part in keeping my kid safe.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

one smart cookie

...A few weeks ago, after eating some chinese food, I opened my fortune cookie. It read: No one can make you feel bad without your permission. Since then, I have thought about that a lot and tried to apply it to my life and also try to teach the philosophy to my sons. I think that it is the most profound thing I have ever gotten from a fortune cookie. Think about how true it is. A person can be as mean to you as he/she wants, but unless you allow yourself to get all worked up about it, that person does not have to affect you.

Today, I thought about these words again because something happened that made me feel terrible. I was stood up. I was supposed to meet a woman for breakfast that I had met a couple of months ago at a party. She said she knew what it was like to be new and not know anyone, so she gave me her number. I called her two weeks ago and we decided to meet for breakfast today. I showed up, she didn't. Now, I am a sensitive person. I do know that there is the possibility that she just forgot, or she wrote down the wrong phone number and couldn't get a hold of me, but whatever the reason, I felt that I was not worth it to her to make sure I knew why she didn't make it. So I was hurt. And upset. Because of something she did, I felt bad.

Then, I wondered why I felt bad. Can she see that she hurt my feelings? No. Is there a huge possiblity that she forgot and doesn't even realize she did this? Yes. Yet, I was giving her permission to make me feel bad. It is easy to do. So, I decided to listen to my wise cookie fortune. I got up out of the chair I was in at Panera, I got in line for a Chai Tea Latte and a German Chocolate pastry (because chocolate always makes you feel better) and left. I kept myself busy until getting my boys at school. I celebrated with Noah because his teachers were so proud of him today because he didn't cry when it was time to clean up (this is a BIG thing for him. HUGE!) We watched our neighbor, who is a policeman pilot, fly over our houses in his helicopter. (Very cool.) And, you know what? I am feeling better.

Thanks to a very wise fortune cookie. :)

Monday, October 09, 2006

these are for you

...Sandy and Sammy! The rest of you, meet my nephew and niece: Matthew and Sara. Seth's brother and sister-in-law dropped by Friday night and we finally got to see the newest member of the family. Sara was born in May, so it is about time!

We bought Halloween costumes for the boys yesterday. Rhett is going to be a vampire. I bought face make-up so I can make his face greyish looking and have blood dripping from his mouth. He is very excited. This is the first time since he was one that he won't be some kind of "hero". Noah is going to be Batman again. He was Batman AND Buzz Lightyear last year. He is wearing the same costume as last year, but we bought him some cool Batman gadgets to go along with his costume. They are so ready for Halloween.

They know what it is all about--the candy. Is that bad? I met a nice couple from Venzuela yesterday and the wife was telling me that back there, Halloween is nothing like it is here in America. No decorations, no trick-or-treat. They just wear costumes and go to a party. That is it. This year, we will probably be going to two Fall Festivals and at least have two trick-or-treating events available. Growing up, I never went trick-or-treating. Of course, I grew up in the country with no neighbors but my grandparents. Now, the neighbors are warning us that as many as 150 kids could be coming through our neighborhood. Yikes!
Well, I am off to bake some treats for the Fall Festival cake walk!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


...what in the world?, I hear you asking. GLB is something I use quite a lot at my house. The boys love it. It stands for Gross Little Boys. Everytime they start saying disgusting things, or I catch them picking their noses, I say, "You are a GLB!" and they giggle and act more disgusting. So, yes, it backfired on me but it is still fun.

Tonight at dinner was a GLB moment. Not at first. At first it was hilarious! Here is our conversation pretty much word for word:

Me: So what did you do for fun today Rhett?
Rhett: We got to go to recess. Except we had to skip to the playground, holding a girl's hand. I hate that!
Me: Why do you have to do that?
R: Because the teacher makes us.
Me: What?
R: I don't like holding the girl's hand!
Me: Your teacher makes you hold hands with girls and skip?
(I'll break in here because I never got a straight answer from him. He just kept telling me that he didn't like holding hands with girls)
Later in the conversation:

Me: You know, it is okay to be friends with girls, Rhett.
Rhett: Ewww no!
Me: It doesn't mean they are your girlfriend.
Rhett: No. NO!

Noah: Well, I played with Elle today.
Me: You did. That is nice.
Rhett (breaking in): Noah, you used to have a girlfriend last year. Katie!
Noah: Oooh, I like Katie.
...dramatic pause
N: I kissed Katie!
Rhett: You kissed Katie!
N: Oh yeah.

By this time I am crying because I am laughing so hard. I am thinking, "What a sweetie! How cute!" Then...

Noah: Rhett, I kissed a worm.

GLBs strike again. The conversation went downhill from there. As it always does. There is a harldy a conversation that doesn't end with the word poop or weewee. Tonight was no exception.

Boy, they do keep me laughing though.

the things I will put my boys through

...to find a copy of Simple Scrapbooks. Yesterday, we went all over Edmond to three different stores looking for the latest copy. An hour and a half traveling in the car, getting out of the car, getting back in the car can get old for two little boys. They were good sports but at the end of it all, I still had no copy of it!!! So then I call my sweet husband and begged him to find me a copy. So he went to a couple of book stores and still no luck.

So today, I try at a scrapbook store, just a block down from the Hobby Lobby that I tried yesterday and found it right away! I snatched up two copies and of course, had to explain why I was buying two copies to the wonderful lady in the scrapbook store and she was very happy for me, even though it says I am from Midland, TX and not Edmond, OK. Details, details. I was so ecstatic. I mean, those of you who know me, know that I get pretty excited about things. Over the top excited about things. Jump-on-the-couch-Tom Cruise-style excited about things (although I would never do that in public). This is definitely one of those times. (I do have to point out that I did not actually jump on the couch. They are new and I would never dream of jumping on our new couches. Really, Seth.)

Anyway, thank you to all of you for being excited for me as well. It means a lot to me!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

good news

...I am pretty excited today. Mom emailed me and said she got her copy of November/December Simple Scrapbooks today and my layout was in it! Whohoo!!! Of course, I haven't gotten mine yet, so I think the boys and I are taking a trip to find one at the store. I can't wait.

Also, Rhett has his very first loose tooth! He was thrilled! He wanted to call his daddy right away. Very cool!

Just had to share the excitement in the Houston household!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rhett update

...So my friend Christy totally came through for me in an unexpected way. Without even asking, she gave me an idea for a post. Thanks friend!

Rhett has been to kindergarten for a month now. And it is totally amazing to see all he has learned. Today he was singing a song, "WHITE, that spells white" and while he was singing it "WHYTE, that spells white," I was still impressed. Here are some more info about Rhett's first month of kindergarten:

Friends: Jack is his best friend right now. He talks about him all the time. He mentions other boys too, I forget their names right now, but Jack is a subject we talk about every day. He is totally girl shy right now--will not admit that any girls are his friends. Ewww, mom, no, no. No girlfriends. NO! I think those are his exact words.

Cool things: So he has to do a mystery sack every week with the letter they are learning that week. They have to tell the class 3 clues about what is in their sack. The cool thing is that he is doing his clues all by himself now. At the beginning, I was helping him and now he just does it by himself and I just write them down for him. This past week was O and his mystery sack contained an Octopus. His clues: It has 8 legs, It's mouth is at the bottom, and he shoots ink out when scared. Such a smart fellow!

Oops moment: So a couple of weeks ago, I picked him up and he told me that he got to have a second breakfast that morning. I nodded, thinking someone had brought snacks. Then he told me what he had for breakfast (biscuits, orange juice, cereal, milk) and I figured out that he went into the cafeteria and had a second breakfast! Without paying! After making sure he knew never to do that again, I wondered what would possess the person in charge of the money to allow a 5-year old to just come on in, because surely the mom just forgot his money that day!!! Rhett said she didn't say anything about paying. A few days later, I got a note with a $0.90 charge for breakfast. Ugg.

Oops moment #2: Apparently, one day at recess, he and his friend, Brady, hid under the computer chairs the whole time. I never did get the full story about this one and really, didn't want to.

What Rhett is learning: He has been talking about snakes, about Halloween, making puppets, writing numbers and letters, writing his own letters to the Gingerbread man, and playing basketball

So, in short, he is becoming a little man. And I couldn't be prouder!

post a blog...check

...I am in a blogging rut. I have no idea what to blog about. I think my mind is on other things (like the HOF contest, getting my house in order, Thanksgiving) so I am not thinking much of anything else. I have a big to do list in my head and that is pretty much it.

I do need to say that there are many people in need of prayers right now. I am leaving it as unspoken prayer requests, but they are weighing on my heart. Please pray for healing, for comfort, for strength and for the answers they need, if it weighs on your heart as well.

One more thing: Life moves too fast, so remember to take the time to breathe. Breathe in your blessings, breathe in fresh air, breathe in the joy around you. Just breathe.

Monday, October 02, 2006

fall cleaning time

...I don't want to, but I have to. My house is in major disarray. Today I am tackling the kids' rooms. Throwing away some things, putting toys that they don't play with away, organizing.

Good thing I am in an organizing mood today. I hope the mood lasts all this week. I need to declutter my life and everything in it. Start with the big areas of the house and work to the smaller areas like my craft room which has baskets full of stuff. Stuff that needs to be put into order.

I want to do this because I want to start scrapbooking again and actually know where things are. I have decided to enter the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame 2007 Contest, so I need to be organized. I say I am going to do this every year, but never do. This year, I really want to do it. The contest has 10 assignments, so I need to get busy!

But first, the cleaning. Then, the fun begins!