Monday, August 30, 2010

hello, good-bye last Monday of August

This is a picture I took for my first assignment in photography class.  Assignment 1: Put your camera in M mode, or Manual, adjust some settings and make sure your exposure is correct (or at 0).  And snap away. Seriously, I never thought taking pictures of things could be so much fun, but I am having a blast.  My dogs probably think I am nutso, going around my backyard and taking lots of pictures of a hole in the fence but I did and this is the best one. 

Also, my dogs like music.  I keep it on for them during the day and Scout barks much less now.  But she hasn't stopped completely.  I hear her right now, barking at our neighbors.  I am sure they are SO glad we moved into their neighborhood. 

Speaking of dogs, I think we have 2 or 3 mastiffs living in our neighborhood.  Those dogs are huge but everytime I see one, I want to cry, thinking of Turner and Hooch. 

I have been reading a lot since getting my nook.  Krista lent me the first two books of the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins and I loved them and now I don't know if I want to read the last book because what if it doesn't end in the way that I want.  I know it won't because those kind of stories never end "and they lived happily ever after" and the author's endings make more sense than mine ever would but still...

I also have been reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels (True Blood is based on these books) and I find them hilarious and so much fun to read.  I tend to blow through this quite fast though. 

And I am also trying to get through the stack of Civil War books my dad let me borrow.

Rhett and Noah are loving school.  Noah comes home...happy.  Which is unusual but a welcome change.  I am overwhelmed by their school but as long as they like it and are happy, then I am happy. 

Bye for now!

Monday, August 23, 2010

it's good dogs never say no

Tomorrow is the start of my photography class (notes will be emailed to you Krista!!) and I have a new camera and a notebook and new pens and even nerves to go along with me.  I've been practicing with my camera for the past two days and because everyone else doesn't seem to want to be my test subjects, I have picked my dogs to be.  What do you think?  Is that a good looking dog or what?

Friday, August 20, 2010

snapshots from my house- part 1

I have been busy this week.  Painting, hanging pictures, more painting.  Here are some photos of what I've been doing:

First, this photo does not do my framed picture justice. But here it is anyway.  It is a Ford Smith (and no, I never had heard of him either until I went to looking for pictures that would look great above the fireplace.  But it sounds cool to say, "I have a Ford Smith.")  and I just love it.  Like I said, my photo is a terrible representation of it, so if you want to really see it, you must come visit me!

Just some new decorative balls in my glass vase.  Adding color to my life...

Who needs Pottery Barn?  Well, actually I do. I was inspired to do this because I saw something similar in their catalog.  But, I bought nothing new for this and now it is a collection of my favorite things.  (Oh by the way, Sandy and Melissa, I told Seth the next time we all got together we had to get pictures made of all of us. That way I have some to hang on the wall!) (And Mom and Krista, don't you think we need to have our pictures made again?  It has been almost 4 years!)
It is right by the front door, so when you walk in or if you sit in the office, you see it.  It truly makes me happy, it does.
One more picture.  The hallway to the garage is now our "art gallery."  Easy to be changed, but all created by Rhett and Noah.  Sorry about the mess on the floor.  Seems I am always painting or in between painting these days.  I am making my way upstairs...

This week I also drove to Clinton and met Casey on Tuesday.  Cam stayed with us for almost 2 weeks but he has to get back to school, so we were off as soon as the boys left on the bus.  We already miss him!

Last night we went to a Popscicles on the Playground for new families at the boys' school.  We actually met a few people and had a lovely time talking to adults.  (Ok, can you tell I haven't been talking to grown ups a lot lately?)

We have also gone somewhere after school almost every day because we had to get new shirts, we had to fix Rhett's glasses and today we have to get frozen yogurt.  (Maybe that is a want to.)

Tomorrow, we head back to Edmond for some birthday parties and some time with friends.  Even though it will be hectic and I doubt we see everyone we want to see, I am looking forward to this.

And then, Sunday is Seth's and my 12th anniversary.  We have actually been together 17 years (which coincidentally is how old we both were when we got together).  That means that next year, we will have been together longer than we have been without one another.  Wow.

And next week is going to be exciting as well.  I am starting a photography class at Tulsa Community College!  Judging by these photos, I really am looking forward to learning how to take pictures properly.  Seriously, this is something I have wanted to do for so long and I really want the pictures I see in my head to actually be the pictures that come out on the camera.  You know what I mean?  I hope to share my photos with you so be on the lookout!

One more thing:
It was Pop's birthday yesterday!! Happy Birthday Sammy!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i love it, love it not

I have lots of photos to share (mostly of my house) but I am too lazy to do all that needs to go into a photo post today.  So, rather, you get to enjoy this post of good and bad.  We have been in Tulsa for about three months and there are some things I love, love, love and a couple of things that I, well, don't. 

Things I Love About Tulsa
  • My House.  I love that the laundry room is right next to my bedroom.  I love my kitchen and living room.  I love that the boys have their own space upstairs. 
  • The close proximity of Target and my lovely house.  Oh how I love this.  The fact that I can get to my favorite store in about 3 minutes is so awesome!  Yesterday, the boys and I went at 4:45 and got back at 5:20.  In Edmond, this would have been impossible.  No way would I have ventured out a little before peak traffic time to go to a store that is one of the busiest in Edmond.  Love it!
  • There are other things close, close to us.  The movie theater.  Pizza.  Gas stations. Post Office.  Boys' pediatrician.  I don't want to go on and on about this or seem like I am bragging, but I've never had this before. 
  • Cherry Street Farmers Market. I have only been there once so far but it was beautiful.  I can't wait to go back.  My family enjoyed a farmers market breakfast the day after my mom, Jana and I went and I don't know if it was just thinking that this was fresh sausage, eggs and cheese or what, but it tasted delicious. And this isn't the only Farmers Market around. So we'll be checking those out as well...
  • The boys' school.  Sure it is big.  Sure it probably is overwhelming.  But Rhett gets to take Spanish.  And they have Art class. Art class!  Woo-hoo!  Noah's teacher is so organized, she sends home an email everyday about what they did that day.  I find that amazing. 

Things I Don't
  • The Drivers.  Oh they are awful.  They are rude and don't pay attention.  They honk at you for the slightest thing and are impatient. Blah.
  • The weather.  But I really can't say this is specific to Tulsa.  It was super hot in OKC too this summer.  And everywhere. But I haven't enjoyed it.
  • Some things are far away.  Like the baseball fields.  And Cherry Street.  Which isn't a big deal, really, because it is only about 20 minutes away. :) (That one is for you Dad!)
Ok, short list.  But I think I needed to get it off my chest.  Especially about the drivers.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

the difference between day and night

or The First Day of School or The Very First Day at a New School or Finally! School Starts!...I mean, um, oh never mind.

6:45- Rhett's alarm goes off (I'm just guessing here because I didn't hear it.  I was still sleeping.)

Between 6:45 and 7:20-Rhett gets dressed, brushes his teeth, combs his hair, makes sure his backpack is ready and starts to fix his own breakfast (Don't you wish you had a Rhett?)  He also asks Cameron (who is staying with us for another week) what he wants for breakfast.  Cam chooses Fruity Pebbles because they are so much healthier than Cocoa Pebbles.  Ha!

7:30- 7:50- I go up to wake up Noah.  First Noah pops right up.  Then he frowns.  Uh-oh, I think.  I tell him again to get up.  He says he is way too tired.  I try again.  He reiterates that he is too tired.  And cold.  I hand him his robe.  He starts to cry.  And he cries for the next 8 minutes.  I finally give him a choice:  Get dressed now or eat breakfast first, then get dressed.  I drag him down stairs.  He eats a little breakfast. 

7:50- Rhett is completely ready and restless.  Cameron is ready and wants to know why he can't wear his new school shoes.  I tell him because he is not going to school today.  Oh.

8:00- Noah is finally ready and in a better mood.  He did want to wear jeans but I told him it was going to be over 100 degress today, so no.  Sigh. 

8:05- We go outside and get the first day of pictures over with.  At least that is what it looks like from the pictures.  And good news! The bus stops right next door so we don't have to walk far! 

8:11- Bus comes.  I give them a hug, remind them to drink their water and they are off.  To a brand new school.  To brand new kids.  They are so brave. I hope they have a good day. I  hope they find good friends. I hope they like their teachers and I hope they don't feel lost.  While we are at it, I hope they have a great year, full of fun, surprises and a little learning.

Rhett, a fourth grader.  Noah, in second.  They may be night and day, but I'm so proud that they are mine.

Meanwhile, Cam and I have already been on a walk.  We are going to have a good day, just me and him.  I hope he doesn't miss his cousins too much during the day. 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Look back on summer, in song

Move to Tulsa, Say good-bye to good friends, Try not to cry
Pack it up, Move it Out, Thank God its not too far to go
Get the keys, change the locks, now its time to unpack boxes
Parents tired, Kids are wired, Up and down the stairs they go

New routine, what routine?, sleep late then watch tv
Rhett wants to play baseball, oh look! a summer league
Its so hot, I cry, help I'm melting, I'm a wimp
Soccer camp, no go, Noah's sad, plays the wii.

Unpack boxes, unpack boxes, are we even getting close?
Friends comes, Mom comes, then we hit the road
Road trip! Krista's house! lots of trees and kudzu
Family time, then good-bye, back on the road we go

Home in time to say so long, much needed girl's trip
Just in time...microwave and television on the fritz!
Lots of fun, Kansas City, Eclipse, love my friends
Get back home to find out I was really missed.

More family time, in-laws come, let's go watch baseball
Still hot, extreme heat, will summer ever end?
Rhett's a pitcher and first baseman, sometimes plays left field
He enjoys it, even loves it, and even  makes new friends.

Uncle Scott comes with his kids, more fun at aquarium
July's over, August starts, only 12 days till school begins
Time for one more visit from the cousins and my mom and dad
Nic and Isa, Cam and boys don't want their fun to end!

Painting Pottery just us girls, boys go to baseball game
Then Surprise! Jana's here! for a mini-vacay
Farmer's Market, Cherry Street, lots of veggies, eggs and cheese
Fun girl-time, bought some stuff, great start to a good day

Saturday night, Balloon Festival, 15th Year in Claremore
Balloons went high, Temp just right, Spirits then went really low
Parking Lot! Bad Business! Stuck in place for an hour
Kids gripey, Grown-ups grumpy, wished we had mojitos.

End of summer now is near, only a day til school starts
Boys excited, like their teachers, both their classrooms on second floor
Song now over, did you recognize it? ode to Billy Joel
Are you thinking this is bad : I can't take it anymore!!

Monday, August 02, 2010

phase one of Repaint/Redo complete



If you look through the doorway, you will see the entryway into the house. The office is by through the glass doors and the dining room is right where the ladder is. I am painting the entryway and hallways next.

The print I was going to have over the fireplace is being framed right now. I have to wait 2 weeks for it. This is the first time I have ever had something framed professionally. I have learned many things from it and will be better prepared if ever I do it again. (Let's just say sticker shock. I am used to buying frames at Hobby Lobby at half off and if it needs a mat, buy a cheap mat. This wasn't going to work for this print but I am so excited for it.)

I repainted the kitchen the same color (Flax if you want to know) and will post pictures of that as well but I seriously need to clean my kitchen first.  And the rest of the house too.  But that is my life.

My favorite part of repainting is afterward.  You know, when you can sit in your newly painted room and say, "Ahh.  Finally, it feels like home."  And it does now.  No more nail holes that you didn't make yourself.  No more dirty smudges or scrapes that weren't made by your kids.  I know I've got a long way to go to make the rest of the house feel like it is ours, but the one room that we spend most of our time in is finished. We are happy.