Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a wish list for summer 2011

Here are some things that would make this a really great summer:

  • Roasting marshmallows (from Rhett)-actually Rhett has wanted to do this for months now.  I think we will try to do it today or tomorrow
  • Reading Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn with the boys
  • Getting Noah to wear something other than his black underarmor shirt (you know, the one he wore in the picture in the post below? Well, he wears it every other day) and wind pants. 
  • Playing tennis with the family (I have a picture in my mind:  All four of us go out and hit the ball around and it is fun and we don't have to chase the ball when the kids hit it over the fence or use 10 balls because they all hit the net...Rhett and Noah have a tennis camp at the end of the month!)
  • Noah learning how to play golf (because he really wants to)
  • Taking a trip to see Krista (oh yeah, this is happening!  Three days and counting...)
  • Getting to see some cousins (the boys already saw two of their cousins this weekend and had a great time)
  • The mornings stay cool outside and then the evenings cool down so we can go outside and not be stifled by humidity and heat (I know, I live in Tulsa.  This one isn't happening.  But I can dream, can't I?)
  • Going to the mountains once this summer
  • Doing art projects with the boys
  • Taking lots of pictures
  • Getting to see some old friends that I haven't seen in awhile
  • Watching movies (HP! HP! HP)
  • Enjoying the long, lazy days of summer (this one should be easy)
What are some of your wishes for this summer?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

last day of school-year 2011


After a crazy night of tornado threats which ended up being mostly a windy thunderstorm for us (but sadly, not for others), the boys finally went to bed, too hyped up to sleep.  Today is the day they have been looking forward to for a month!

I don't know what this summer holds for us so far, but I do know it will involve plenty of pool time (although it needs to warm up a bit for me to get in), reading books (the boys and I are going to read Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn together), watching movies (Harry Potter!) and hanging out. 

What about you? 

Monday, May 16, 2011

little of this, little of that

All day today I have felt like I am forgetting something important. 

I am paying bills, so that is not it.

I know about Rhett's yearbook signing and pizza party lunch, which parents are not invited too, so that can't be it.

I checked on Facebook to see if it was someone's birthday.  It is, but not a close friend.

I even looked on my blog archive and did find out that yesterday was my grandparents anniversary.  Oops. 
But still, that feeling...

I am sure I will remember it.  Probably when it is too late. 

In other news:

Rhett:  His graduation was a real ceremony:  a speech from the principal, a song (which didn't make me cry, only because I really couldn't hear it), each child's name being called while they walked across the stage to get a diploma.  Many, many parents and grandparents, looking as proud as they can be. 

Noah:  Noah's new fascination is annoying his brother.  He knows exactly which buttons to push too.  Fortunately, Rhett doesn't get mad quickly and thinks most of it is funny.  Unfortunately, if Rhett turns the tables around and does the same thing, Noah turns into Mr. Hyde quickly.  That kid.

Oh and perhaps the most amazing thing that has happened to me, game-wise, in, let's say, ever:  I was playing Words with Friends with my brother and was losing pretty badly.  Then I played the word JOCK, with a triple word score overall and the K on the triple letter score and it totaled 120 points.  120 points!!  I am not saying that this is anything but luck and I have no doubt that this will never happen to me again so that is why I am telling you now.  :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

this has been a lot of fun

I was thinking this morning about how I would begin my blog post and I thought of That 70's Show episode where the gang goes to Canada to get beer, then Fez loses his Green Card and they get caught by the Canadian border guard.  Leo (who is played by Chong, of Cheech and Chong) answers all the Mounties' questions with the same question, for example: 

Mounty:  What are you doing in Canada?
Leo:  What are you doing in Canada, man?

It is hilarious (and I know I am not doing it justice by writing about it here) and anyway, the reason I thought of it was because I imagined you, my blog reader, saying, "Where have you been lately?" and my immediate response was, "Where have you been lately, man?" 

But to answer your question (that I imagined you asking), I have been reading.  And sewing pillows.  And cleaning carpets.  Some other things too.


The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is such a good memoir. It is a story in the same vein as Angela's Ashes (alcholic father, very poor growing up, ect) but didn't make you feel as sad because of her tone.  This book I read for my book club, which was last night at my house.  I made pinwheel sandwiches and brownies and it was so fun to sit in a group of women and just talk. 

I will admit, I never wanted to read this book.  It looked boring to me.  And then the movie came out and Robert Pattinson stars in it and all of the sudden, it looked a little less boring.  ;)  So I read it and kicked myself that I didn't read it before now.  Love, love, love this book. 

And my new obsession:  The Mortal Instruments series by Cassadra Clare.  These books remind me a little of Harry Potter (in a good way, not a totally copying-sort-of way.)  A science-fiction/fantasy/romance (my favorite combo) story about supernatural beings, both good and evil.  Really love these books.  I think she wrote a trilogy, then decided to write six instead and the fourth book has been just released. She also has written a prequel about The Mortal Instruments so there is that too.  Plenty to keep me busy during the hot summer months.


Rhett has his graduation ceremony today.  His elementary school only goes through 4th grade.  I do know they are going to show a slideshow and sing a song, a combination that will no doubt make me cry.  I really try not to cry but I can't help it.  Kids singing brings tears to my eyes and I have found it doesn't matter what it is--the kids' choir sang for Easter at our church and tears streamed down my face, when Rhett had his musical and sang about pioneers, I cried at that too.  And slideshows--forget it.  I'll just bring plenty of tissues and try not to embarrass myself. 

A funny: (not meant to embarrass my hubby)

I tried a different recipe for my brownies for the book club meeting last night.  While Rhett was eating one for his dessert last night, he told Seth, "These taste different."  Seth didn't know I made them and he thought for a split second that maybe, just maybe, they were "special" brownies that one of the book club ladies made.  So he tasted it but decided they were fine.  When he told me about it later, I asked if he would have known what "special" brownines tasted like and he said that surely he could have.  Then I asked if he really thought one of the women could have done that!  He said, "I don't know them!"  We had a good laugh.  The more I think about it, the more I laugh.  And, strangely enough, it reminds me of That 70's Show because there is always a point in each episode that they are sitting around a table, getting high and laughing.  Stranger still, I have referenced that show twice and I really never watched it while it was on and hardly watch it now. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 02, 2011

i'm tired of thinking of titles

It's May! Only 18 more days of school for the boys. They are ready! I haven't posted any pictures in awhile, so here is a few for you:

Boo is 6 months old now.  She is a smart, stubborn dog but a great watch dog.  A couple of weeks ago, it was stormy outside, with hail and thunder being the worst of it.  Boo thought the thunder was trying to get us, so she sat down in our entry way, facing the door, fully alert.  We have never seen her sit that long away from any of us before so it was pretty funny. 
I wanted to show Rhett when he was singing with the 4th grade, but had to blur out the other kids so sorry for the weird picture.  I think they were singing, "When I first came to this land" and it was such a cute song. Here is a snippet of the end:

When I first came to this land

I was not a wealthy man

Then I got myself a son

I did what I could

I called my son "My Work's Done"

I called my wife "Joy of My Life"

I called my horse, "Lame of Course"

I called my cow ,"No Milk Now"

I called my shack "Break My Back"

Still the land was sweet and good

I did what I could.

The musical was all about the pioneers of Oklahoma.  They sang the state song at the end and I have to say that Oklahoma has the best state song ever.  It is so joyful and peppy. 

Here is Noah with his class when they were singing a Spanish song about body parts (hands, feet, mouth, nose).  It was cute too.  Again, sorry for the blurs but I always have to show when Noah is smiling like that.  He has blue hair because of his Suessical the Musical.  He wanted to be wild and crazy, like a Who.  :)
We've had  rain (Thank God) and many days of cloudy skies the last two weeks of April.  I love clouds and the promise of rain.  It has rained out a few of Rhett's baseball games, so we are going to have to make those up but sometimes it is nice to be stuck inside doing nothing because of the rain. 
One day, I went out and our sky looked like giant cotton balls.  It was really cool. 

I will leave you with this short quip:

The boys have been busy with school but on Friday, they did get a day off because they went to work with Seth, where they learned about volcanos and earthquakes.  Then I met them for lunch at a great, greasy hamburger joint (seriously, yummy!) and while we were eating Noah was complaining about something that wasn't pleasing him.  Rhett tells his brother, "You know, the sun does not rise and set on you alone."  Before I could tell him I was impressed with that, Rhett's very quick-witted brother fires back, "Rhett, I will rise and sit on you."  We all just burst out laughing.  It was just so funny and just so Noah to say that.  Even Rhett admitted that it was a great comeback.

Have  a great day!