Wednesday, August 27, 2008

here's a little more

...Apparently, Miss D is Noah's girlfriend.

Conversation went like this:

me: So Noah did you find out what Miss D's name is?
N: Yes.
Rhett: Is she your girlfriend?
N: Well, yes. She is.
Rhett: You mean a friend that's a girl or your girlfriend?
N, matter-of-factly: Girlfriend.
me: Okay.

Wow. He moves fast. :)

R: Actually, I have a girlfriend too.
me: You do? Who?!
R, starting to regret this course of action on his part: Uh, you remember A?
me: She's your girlfriend? Aww!
R, embarressed: No. She's not. I don't have a girlfriend. Really.
me: Okay.

I dropped that one. I could tell he was getting to worked up about that one.

me: So Noah, who do you sit by at circle time?
N: Mom, I sit by 2 girls! One is Miss D and I don't remember the other one's name.
me: Tell me about Miss D. (I only call her this on the blog, in case you were wondering)
N: She wears brown. A lot. Like a lot.
R: Maybe she's a Halloween girl.
me: That is okay. Rhett.
N: Her hair is brownish like mine. And long. And straight.

Awww. I just can't help but think this is the cutest thing. :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i said hey

...What's going on?

Here is a little update:

Friday: Our anniversary was wonderful. Seth surprised me with beautiful flowers in a square vase (lots of daisies--he remembered I love daisies!) and then surprised me again with a romantic dinner for 2. He took me to a old farm house turned into fancy restaurant that had beautiful surroundings, great steak and a quiet environment. I don't know how long it has been since I lingered over dinner, but that night we did and it was wonderful.

Saturday and Sunday: We spent our time with our neighbors and just hanging out mostly. We had a good weekend. It wasn't too busy and it wasn't too hot.

Monday: Back to school for the boys. Rhett said it wasn't fair that he has to go early in the morning while Noah gets to sleep in and go just in the afternoon. Life isn't fair, kid.

Rhett and Seth went to Cub Scout Info Night last night. Yes, Rhett is now a Cub Scout. I think he is excited.

Monday night, late: I was up making a dreamcatcher for Noah. Last year at school, Rhett made one and I hung it up in his room. Then the boys started sleeping in the same room together. Until Sunday night. I told them to try to sleep in their own rooms because they were fighting. Noah said he didn't like his room. I asked why. He said because there was no dreamcatcher in it. Now he has one and he is happy. Ta-da! (That is what I felt like saying after accomplishing the task. While it wasn't difficult, I did have to maneuver unraveling yarn through the bead openings and that was quite frustrating.)

Today: Noah said he made 2 new friends today. Who are they? I asked. Noah says, "Umm, one's a girl. I don't remember her name. But it starts with a D." Dana? Dolly? Delilah? (He laughed at that one, but I love that name). Diana? Deedee? Dora? None of those seemed to ring a bell. So I said, "Tomorrow, you'll have to find out Miss D's name and tell it to me." Noah looks confused. "Misty? Who is Misty?" Sigh.

Friday, August 22, 2008

last night and today

...Last night, my small group from church was blessed to have a wonderful woman come speak to us. Crystal Miller, who is a relative of one of the couple's in my small group, absolutely blew me away with her story, her faith, and her honesty and openness to share both.

A Columbine school shooting survivor, she told about that day, some of the friends she lost and how it forever changed her life. Because of this event, as she called it, she became a better person and now lives for the Lord and His glory. What I thought was refreshing is that she said she still has difficulty in following God's plan sometimes, and it is painful and hard at times, but she knows that it is right.

I was so inspired by her. I am so glad I was there.


Today, Seth and I have been married for 10 years. Seth, I wouldn't have changed a moment of it. I love you and I am so thankful I asked you for a slice of pizza that long ago day.

Happy Anniversary, sweetie.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day

...Rhett and Noah had highs and lows yesterday. Mostly highs.

Rhett was a little sad because he knew his best friend wasn't in his class. But he found out that one of his other good friends was and that he would have recess with his best friend, so it all turned out well.

He liked his teacher, was ready to ride the bus and looks so grown up in these photos, doesn't he? Wow.

Noah was so excited to go to school. Just could not stop smiling. When I took him to school, he lined up with his class, turned around and yelled, "I love you Mom!" Everyone's "aahh"s did not help me from tearing up and having to turn away quickly.

This is Noah. Being a big boy.

I will have bus pictures tomorrow. We had a little drama on the bus yesterday, so no good pictures. Everything is all right and yes, it involved Noah, who kept it together until he saw me. Apparently, no one would sit with him. Or no one noticed he was sitting by himself. :(

Anyway, Day 1 is over. Day 2 has begun and it is already been difficult getting Rhett out of bed. Funny how the first day excitement is really just that.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the night before

...You knew it was coming. I know those who know me knew it was coming. The night before school starts post where I reflect on how fast time goes. Where I tear up and wish for my boys to be little again. For just a moment.

The first day of school is tomorrow. Noah starts Kindergarten. All summer, I told myself, "It is only half-day." Tonight it is a big deal. How can my baby be old enough to ride the bus home from school? He has been looking forward to riding the bus for two long years. How did that two years pass so quickly? Noah has been looking forward to going to Rhett's school. He has wanted this so badly. So how can I wish to hold on to him and not let him go?

Rhett is going to be a 2nd grader. Gosh, I remember 2nd grade so clearly. How can I be the parent of a 2nd grader? He already feels big because I am impressing on him to watch out for his little brother. He already thinks he knows more than his mom and dad.

These are just stepping stones of a path that leads them, well, away from me. Which is a wonderful thing. And a terrible thing.

So yeah. You probably knew this post was coming. But I hope you know that I am also proud. I am also happy. I am also excited.

And very, very grateful.

I am their mama.

PS-Pop, we thought about you today! We'll give you a call Wednesday evening. Happy Birthday!!

answered prayer or be careful what you wish for

...It has been raining on and off for about 5 days now. The past two days we have seen it all day long. I am loving it. But the boys--not so much.

Driving home in the pouring raining today after running errands (and getting soaked in the process), Noah remarked, "Remember when it was hot and we were praying for rain? Maybe we shouldn't do that anymore."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

a full plate

...Lately, I have been filling my plate with more and more things. Things for the boys, things for Seth and me, things for me... My life is going to get much busier this coming school year.

1. Fall Sports: Noah is going to play soccer and Rhett, flag football. So for 8 weeks, starting in September, we will have practices during the week and games on Saturday.

2. Bible Study: Seth wanted to do an intensive bible study at the church this year called Disciple. I decided to join him. As nervous as I am about this (I have a problem with focusing on what the bible is saying, what God is saying to me), I am a little excited too. This study will last until May and I feel like I am back to school. Exactly what my mommy brain needs. Exactly what my spiritual side needs too.

3. Small Group: We also have a small group through the church that will be beginning again. This is good for us. Both Seth and I are introverted and it is hard for us to get out there and meet people. Small group has helped us do just that.

4. Yearbook: I am PTA chair for the school's yearbook this year. It isn't going to be as hard like a high school yearbook, but I am sure it will take some time. But it gives me a chance to take a lot of pictures. Note to self: charge camera's battery!

5. YMCA: Earlier I told you that I joined the Y and it has been only 2 weeks, but I love it. I have never been so sore (ultimate kickboxing class) but I haven't felt this good in a long time. And it is something for myself which I have found I need. Plus I catch up on the news when I am on the treadmill. Not only will I be healthier but more informed! :)

6. Sunday School Teacher: I am taking over as lead teacher in a couple of weeks. I don't think this will be hard but it is something I will have to prepare for.

All of this means that I am going to have to become more organized at home. Get up a little earlier to do laundry, make freezable meals when I have time, not letting the clutter pile up. This may be the most difficult thing of them all. ;)

6 more days of summer. I am going to enjoy them.

Monday, August 11, 2008

beginning of the Olympics, end of the summer

...I was screaming last night (at about 10:35 pm) because the American Men won gold in 4x100 swimming relay. Did you watch it? The most amazing swimming race I have ever seen. They edged out the French men (who, incidently, talked some smack on the Americans) and I was very excited. I think Seth was a little frightened of me. :)

The Opening Ceremony was just wonderful. I have a feeling that one won't be topped by anything for a long time.

This is our last week of summer so hopefully, we'll do some fun things. Swimming, watching the Olympics (when else can the boys watch so much tv?), play with friends, maybe go watch a movie...

We are going to try to get to bed earlier this week. 10 at night has been their norm for awhile.

I am also going to try to take some photos this week. I haven't taken any since we got back from vacation. Do you even remember what the boys look like? Hee! Hee!

Oh and one more thing...Exactly one month from now I will be on my way to New York City.

(Oh there I go screaming again. Now the boys are frightened.)

Friday, August 08, 2008


...It's Olympic time! I love the Olympics. Although I could go two years without watching any sports at all on television, when the Olympics rolls around, I could watch all 2200 hours (or however many hours it will be televised). I used to dream that I could, too, be an Olympian but not having access to an ice skating rink, gymnasium or swimming pool kind of put a damper on that. :)

Because it is Be Inspired Friday, I leave you with another short, awe-inspiring moment of the Olympics:

Lopez Lomong will be flagbearer of the USA tonight at the Opening Ceremonies. He is a 1,500 meter track runner who became a US citizen just 13 months ago. Eight years ago, he was brought to America as part of a program to relocate children from Sudan, a war-torn country. Now, he is an Olympian.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

nothing blog-worthy

...This week has been one of sleeping late, spending a few hours by the pool, enjoying Rhett's last game of the season, and trying to run errands but not being too successful.

Summer is almost over.

I am going to have to switch gears in 2 weeks. We'll have to go to bed early, wake up earlier, do homework, eat breakfast at a reasonable time and I'll have to start fixing supper again. I also joined the Y yesterday. I am hoping to start a routine. It is a vicious circle. I need more energy so I think I should start an exercise program, but lately, I feel I don't have enough energy to do anything. I think part of it was the heat. But this next week it is not going to be so hot so maybe I'll feel better. And maybe going to the YMCA will help.

Yes, I know there isn't much here. I warned you in the title.

Monday, August 04, 2008

not only a fruit

...This weekend, the boys' Nana and Pop came to visit. We ate out a few times and everytime we did, Noah ordered a cheeseburger. I think this weekend he had a cheeseburger for every meal except breakfast. He even had one today because he had a playdate and we went to McDonald's.

We also have been having many sweets. And just eating a lot. It is hot here. What else is there to do except stay in and eat?

Tonight I decided we needed to eat a little healthier. I made barbecue chicken, corn on the cob and for dessert, watermelon and grapes.

Rhett gets to the table first. "Ooh, watermelon. Can I have one?"
me: No, eat your chicken and corn first. The watermelon is for dessert.
R: What?
me: The fruit is for dessert.
R: Why?
me: Because it is sweet and delicious and good for you.
R: Oh.

Noah gets to the table finally. The same conversation happens.
N: Watermelon for dessert! That is not dessert!
me: Fruit can be dessert!

Honestly, I feel embarrassed that my kids are so used to getting sweet yummies for dessert that eating a healthy dessert is foreign, almost crazy, to them. I made a decision though. Fruit for dessert will happen more often in this house.

Now if only I can get Noah to eat something besides cheeseburgers when we go out...