Monday, April 18, 2011

a celebration of learning about Noah

Noah had a mucical today.  It was very cute.  They sang songs from Suessical the Musical (I'm totally guessing here but they were Dr. Suess songs and it was called Suessical the Musical, so I'm pretty sure that is right).  After, we went to his classroom for a Celebration of Learning! He showed me his power point presentation on sharks (One slide said  SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!RUN!!!!!!!!!! against an orange screen), showed me his poster on FDR (huge blue paper with two smallish pictures on it and one paragraph of Roosevelt)  his caterpillar ("Here are some caterpillars.  Let's go do something else now."), his artwork (half of them were unfinished) and some of his writings in his writer's workshop folder (umm, I won't comment) .  Then he read to me from Calvin and Hobbes for 15 minutes.  I concluded this about my son:

He can ham it up when he wants to.  He totally rocked in the musical.

He is much more interested in reading about sharks than actually doing a project on them.

He is much more interested in reading than doing much of anything else in school.  In fact, his teacher said that sometimes, she catches Noah with a book during math. 

He has a creative side...but he doesn't want to spend time on that side.  He would rather read.


Monday, April 11, 2011

sharing a list of loves today

I wish I could say that I was so busy last week, that it flew by so fast, I totally didn't have a chance to blog.  But, that really isn't true.  I was kind of lazy last week.  Fighting allergies, the blahs, whatever.  Anyway, here's hoping this week will be better.

Things I'm loving right now:

Netflix.  We have an account now and I am so loving it right now.  I can watch things on my IPad while the boys are watching something else on the tv! Right now, I am enjoying 30 Rock (can I say that I love that show and have never watched it before now? But it is so funny) and we've already enjoyed (or not depending on what it was) 4 movies.  4!  I feel like I have to break up with Blockbuster though.  Imagine, will you, me sitting Mr. B down and giving him a coke from his own chilled beverage holder that is at the checkout counter and saying, "Look, I know we've had good times.  You were there during my True Blood marathon.  You had some great movie selections.  And in the last couple of years, you didn't charge late fees.  But, you are pretty expensive.  And there is that whole bankruptsy thing going on...I mean, how long are you still going to be around?  Plus, your "guaranteed" titles weren't always there.  In fact, more often than not, they were all gone.  So, this is good-bye.  And good luck."

My Aladdin water bottle.  Since moving to Tulsa, I started buying bottled water again and  until recently, just didn't care.   Then I started feeling guilty again so I stopped cold turkey but found I wasn't drinking enough during the day.  I basically filled my glass half full then drank a sip, then forgot for an hour or two.  Plus, you can't really take a glass with you whereever you go.  So I tried filling my Camelback water bottle up with water but (and this is where I reveal something weird about me that I only recently figured out) I don't like drinking water from anything but clear cups or glasses! Because my blue Camelback would just sit there, untouched too.  Instead of reverting back to bottled water, though, I bought a clear water bottle, which is also BPA free.  So I am happily drinking water again. 

The fact that there is only 6 (or maybe 7) weeks of school left.  Yay! I am looking forward to summer, very much so. 

My sister Krista's crochet critters.  Look on her blog (link off to the side) and you too will fall in love with the cuteness.

Have a great Monday!

Friday, April 01, 2011

3 projects, 3 pictures, 3 wishes

You really may not care at this point, but Round 2 in the Dogs vs. Me battle of the garden has begun.  I decided to try a garden fence.  I found a white garden fence (cheap, cheap, cheap!) at Wal-mart, but spray painted in black so it wouldn't be so noticeable.  And standing from afar, you can hardly see it although when you can, it doesn't look so bad.  The dogs sniffed it but then walked away.  Maybe the spray paint will be a deterrent for awhile.  I'll keep you updated because I know you really do care.  Haha.

Have I ever showed you the shark that I paper-mâchéd? I don't think I have.  So here it is in all his friendly glory:

It hangs in Noah's room and his room is officially finished.  It is painted a lovely green, has a collage of picture frames that hangs above his desk, his bed is diagonal facing, just like he asked and there is a Mario-Luigi t-shirt stretched over a canvas (easiest project ever!) that hangs by his bed.  Here is a shot:

My favorite is the framed art that hangs above his nightstand.  It reads, "You are an Original"  and that is Noah exactly. 

It is so beautiful outside right now so here is what I'm wishing for this weekend:
1. I want to play tennis with the boys
2. I want to grill something and eat outdoors
3. I want to take some pictures of my family

Have a great weekend and Happy April!