Monday, November 30, 2009

happy they are mine

When going around the table for Thanksgiving dinner to say what we were thankful for, Noah said, "My brother."

When Rhett and Seth were at the Texas Tech-Baylor game in Dallas, someone leaned toward Seth to say, "You must have taught him right."  A Baylor football player was hurt and Rhett had his "Guns Up."  Just like you are supposed to if you are a Tech fan.

Sigh.  My kids are the best.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

thankfully, the time is here

Rhett says, "Gobble Gobble!"

He and his classmates were turkeys trying to convince everyone else not to eat them.  It was cute. 

Today, Noah and his classmates are making a Harvest stew, each bringing their favorite vegetable.  I am sure most of them brought corn.  But that is okay.

Tomorrow there is no school.  We are ready for Thanksgiving!  I love Thanksgiving.  I love the food, the desserts and the time spent with family.  And it also means that it is closer to next month which is full of birthdays and Christmas. Love it.

I hope everyone else has a wonderful holiday.  (And if you eat turkey, don't tell Rhett).*

Oh, and one more thing!  My mom has started a blog.  It is called "Ramblings" and the link is to the right.  Go check it out!  And Welcome to the blogging world Mom!

*Actually, Rhett really doesn't care if you eat turkey or not. He is looking forward to Turkey Day.  And pumpkin pie.  Noah wants turkey too.  As long as it is the drumstick.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

did you know

  • that if one spills Sprite onto a coffee table and doesn't wipe it up, it will absorb into the wood and turn it green. Good lesson learned by all, eh Rhett?
  • that putting soft, flannel sheets on a bed will make it so comfy and warm that it will make it near impossible to get out of bed in the morning?
  • that putting a chocolate glaze on caramel popcorn is a surefire way to have one eat the entire bag by one's self?  Those Boy Scouts do know what they are doing.
  • that lifting nearly 2500 magazines into a paper recycling bin will make your back and arms very sore the next morning?  (We are half-way there to our goal of a Mile of Magazines!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

celebrating mom

To my mom:

Who never says no to playing a game when I ask, even though the rest of the family is less than enthusiastic

Who always makes an effort to make her home warm and inviting for guests, even if they are just her children

Who hangs her grandsons' art proudly in her hallway and would do it the same for all her grandchildren

Who has the best cookies, fruit salad and apple pie around and she shares her recipes

Who is always there when you need her, even if you are far away or seem like you are far away

I remember the summer that I lived in an apartment for the very first time.  It was also the summer I got married but I digress.  I had a job at a daycare and at night I took a few classes.  My roommate was Christy who also had a job and classes.  Anyway, one of the first weekends of the summer when Christy went to visit her parents, I caught a stomach bug.  (It was also one of the first weeks of my job, so I wasn't used to all those germs yet from the cute children I guess) It wasn't the worst stomach bug I ever had but I was by myself so it seemed pretty bad.  I called Mom.  Who immediately said she would drive down to take care of me.  And she did.  I remember by the time she got there I was feeling better but honestly, I think I felt better the moment she said she would come. 

Moms are special healers that way.

Thanks Mom for all you do.  Happy Birthday! I love you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

already with the Christmas lists?

Hello!  I know it has been a long time.  Last week was...ugg.  Didn't feel well.  But this week is a new week so hopefully I will post more often. 

Rhett and Noah have taken it upon themselves to write their Christmas Lists to Santa.

Rhett:  Mom, do you believe in Santa?
Me: Yes.
Rhett:  Me too.  Do you know some kids in my class say that he isn't real?
Me:  Well, he is as real as you want him to be.
Rhett:  Oh, he is real alright.

At this point in Rhett's childhood, shouldn't he be a little suspicious? He is in 3rd Grade.  I am just afraid that he is going to be crushed, just crushed when he finds out the truth.  So I try to throw in remarks like "he is real as you want him to be" to prepare him.  Subtly.  I don't know what I am doing.

Anyway, with no further ado, here is Rhett's list:

Dear Santa,
I've been trying to be very good this year. My wish list is this.
1 Ipod Nano (Blue)
2 Mind Flex
3.Fossil Fighters
4 Webkins Shark
5 year supply of bacon
5 biggest star wars Lego set ever
6 10 Texas Tech window stickers.
7 2 under-armor shirts
8 Madden 2010 (Wii)
9 Baron Batch's autograph
10 pink and orange Zumbuddy

Ones I'm sure I want  

Rhett marked out his "year supply of bacon" because as he put it:  "I don't think I really need that much bacon."  You think?

Here is Noah's list:

Dear Santa
1 Every webkinz ther is.
2 a real webkinz bunny.
3 ipod nano (green).
4 a bird with a Texas Tech sign on it.
5 a owl webinz.
6 a webkinz Dragin.
7 a webkinz geco.
8 a webkinz Husky.
9 a webkinz Pug.
10 Babe Ruths small metal

I think that Noah secretly doesn't believe in Santa and wants to catch us in a lie because how, oh how, are we going to get anything of Babe Ruth's or is there even such a thing as #4?  And I made him mark out #1 and the real in #2.  Because as we all know, real bunnies freak me out.

So there we are.  I wonder how many times this list will change before December 24?

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Aimee. who loves her boys still.

I don't have much to say but feel I should blog about something.  It has been not such a busy week and besides, my sister who works at a paying job and is a mother of 2 kids blogs everyday (at least this month), so I feel sort of like a slacker.  So I will blog about...

who does not like change.

The other day he came in upset and near tears because he and his friends were playing baseball and then they decided to play football instead.  Noah insisted that he hates football and just wanted to play baseball.

Yesterday, he came in upset and near tears trudging toward his room.  When asked what he was doing and what was wrong he said that he and his friends were playing football and now they want to play baseball so he had to get his bat even though he didn't want to.  Confused I asked him, "I thought you didn't like football?  And liked to play baseball?"  He answered that he was sick of baseball and was having fun playing football.

So my only conclusion to this was that it doesn't matter what he plays with his brother and friends, he will get upset if they change their minds in the middle of their game of whatever and want to do something else.  He doesn't like change.

who thinks he is getting way to big for his size 8 pants.

The other night I told the boys to go get a shower and Rhett stated that they got a shower last night.  I told him that no they didn't.  He said, "Yes, we did."  No, you didn't!  And on and on it went because I can't back down from an argument with someone who argues like my brother once did.  Anyway, I then remembered that I am the mom and asked him, "Do you really want to argue with me?"  to which he answered confidently, "Maybe." 

"Rhett!"  his dad angrily yelled from the other room. 

"Bad move, bud." I answered smugly.

Monday, November 02, 2009

picture update

Happy Halloween! Happy November! Happy Day, I have pictures for you!

I am working backwards here but here goes:

The boys dressed up for trick or treating. Noah was Mutt Williams, from the last Indiana Jones movie. He looked great, especially with his hair dyed. Of course, no one knew who he was.

"Oh, are you Elvis?"
"Cool! A biker!"
"Hey, are you that guy from Grease?"
Noah's response to that one: "I don't even know who you are talking about!"

But he loved it and next year he wants to be Indiana Jones.

Rhett was Snake Eyes from GI Joe or a ninja. Just like 4 out of 5 boys were ninjas this year. He decided next year he wants to be Frankenstein. It is scarier.

Last week was Red Ribbon Week and Thursday, they got to have crazy hair.  So we did the whole spraying color in the hair and they loved it.  It was raining that morning, so I made sure and told them not to get their hair wet or it would run down their face.  They were extra careful!

And this is Noah, after a whole week of being sick and staying home.  It was a Friday and Fall Break and one of his friends invited him to go to a Pumpkin Patch.  He was finally better, so we said Yes.

30 minutes before they got to our house to pick him up, he pulled up a chair to the window and waited. So patiently but yet so ready to be free.

It made Seth and I laugh.

But I know what he felt like.  That weekend, we were out of the house as much as possible.

Have a great Monday!