Tuesday, May 27, 2008

rhett's journal

...Since it is Rhett's last day of school today, I thought I would give you a little treat. He had to write in a morning journal throughout the year, so here are some of my favorite entries:

Wednesday, August 29!
I can play litsaver. (lightsaber)

Tuesday, September 11
I love America because I love The areme.

Friday, October 12
If I were an explorer I wold travel. (Ha!)

Monday, November 12 2007
I love Srufen. It is very fun! Srufs up! (He drew a picture of a guy srufboarding on the waves)

Friday, December 14, 2007
Today is special because it is my brithday. A brithday is fun. I will have fun! (His birthday is December 16)

Monday, January 14, 2008
I want to be an ashterknot I awas (always) wantid to go on a rockitship. It mite be fun. Others thinck it will.

Wednesday, January 16 2008
I thinck this year will go fine. Even I still get mad at my brother. I still love him.

Friday, Febrary, 15 2008
Over the weekend I will see my nana and pop. They have a chuwawae. He is funny.

Wednesday February 20 2008
I think Presidents wore a wig because they were bold. I know that is sounds funny. But that's what I think.

Wednesday, March 12 2008
On spring breack I am going to grandma's house. I will be lot's of fun. I will go see Horton hear's A who. I love movies.

Monday March 31 2008
Last night we had a tornado drill. We were luky. We did'nt have a tornado. My name is Rhett. My brothers name is Noah. My moms name is Aimee. My dads name is Seth. My only storm shelter is my clozet. My mom woce me up at 1:06 in the moning. I woke up in the clozet. Noah was sleeping on my let. I said whats going on. I heard the TV in my room.

Wednesday, April 9 2008
My grandpa restled a crockudile. Grandpa won. He even went on a sub. He was the only ship that came back.

And let's not forget Noah:
His class made a "Mom, can I have a? book back in March and while everyone else in his class asked for a dinosaur, Noah wrote: "Can I have a baby brother, Mom? Please?" :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


...Thanks to all of you for your good thoughts and well wishes. We are so excited.

I am sorry I haven't put the photos of Noah yet. I have been so tired this week and just haven't felt like it. But I'll get to it. Right now, we are enjoying time with some family (Nana and Pop!) and getting ready for summer.

Today was Noah's last day of preschool. He said, "Now I am a kindergartener!" :)

Have a great day!

Monday, May 19, 2008


...It occured to me the other day while I was filling up my car with $3.60/gallon gas that I was going to have to make some changes. Changes in the way I shop, the way I drive and the way I spend money. Don't get me wrong--I am pretty careful and don't spend money carelessly but I know I also don't think about what I buy a lot of the times. And I am going to have to start being more thrifty because we are going to have 3 kids in less than a year.
I'm pregnant! I realize most of my readers already know this but there may be 1 or 2 or you that don't :). Anyway, the due date is January 4 and that seems so far away, but I am glad I've got time. Before, when I was pregnant with Rhett and Noah, I just wanted the time to pass so quickly. Now, I am thankful for 9 months. I think our lives are going to change so much with a third child.

We are all excited in our little family. Rhett and Noah love the idea of a baby. We'll see if they still love it when it is a reality. :) They are going to have to share a room, which should be no big deal since they sleep in the same room anyway and have since Christmas.

So, yeah, big news.

Tomorrow, I will share some pictures of Noah riding his bike with NO training wheels. Yay Noah!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

not much

...I am aware that it is Wednesday and I haven't blogged once this week yet. I just haven't been on the computer much lately. I am trying to clean my house. And it is taking a very long time.
The other day, I let Rhett call his cousin Nicolas and you would have thought they were two giggly school girls. Of course, what got them laughing was completely gross things, but then Rhett's face would get a big grin and he would be "hee-hee, giggle, giggle"-ing again. Funny.
Did I tell you I planted blueberries? I am so excited for yummy blueberries to eat. Yesterday, my neighbor said not to tell her son that they were blueberries, otherwise they would all be gone before I got to them. :)
Well, I'm done for today. I told you it wasn't much. Have a great day!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Rhett and Jana

...The other day, when it was rainy outside, I let the boys watch The Iron Giant. They have watched this movie before but it had been awhile. I was doing other things and when it was over, Rhett came into the room where I was and his little face was all scrunched up and he had tears running down his cheeks.

Immediately, I knew what was wrong. I had also watched this movie before. I had seen the sad ending. I had cried many tears.

me: The movie was sad, wasn't it?
R (bursting into many more tears): Yes!
me: But you know it will be okay, right? I mean, at the very end it has signs of a happy ending.
R: I know. But, it...is....just so sad!
me (now crying): I know.

This was the first time Rhett has ever cried over a movie. And he has seen some sad movies (The Fox and the Hound, Bridge to Teribithia, to name two). But I think this time, he just got it. He got the why it would be sad. Wow. My kid is growing up.

I know it is be inspired Friday, so I want to take a moment and share something great about my sister, Jana. She is graduating graduate school tomorrow! She is a superhero, for sure. A single mom with 2 kids, a full-time job and after-school activities with the kids and then she studies and takes classes for a master's degree. Congratulations, Jana! You are amazing and we are so proud of you!!

And, finally, to all the moms out there--Happy Mother's Day! (Especially to our moms!)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A for Aimee

...I thought this was really cool. I found this A on my floor, during the day when the sun was shining in between a space that the front door curtains didn't cover the window. It is like those letter photos that are so popular now. I can see the fascination.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

to those who teach

...The beginning of May. A few more weeks of school, the weather is turning warmer, the boys are getting to bed later and later...summer is almost here!

It is Teacher Appreciation Week this week. This morning we had to leave the house early so we could buy flowers for the boys' teachers. We would have made it to Rhett's school with plenty of time to spare except we had to go back to the house because Rhett was wearing the wrong shoes. (It is PE day--only tennis shoes will do). So we barely made it to Rhett's school and was a little late to Noah's. I will be so glad when Noah goes to the same school as Rhett!

Think about the people who have shaped your life, who have encouraged you, who have given you what you need to succeed in life. Chances are most of those people are teachers. Thank you to all the teachers out there. You really are special and amazing and appreciated. Even on the days that you don't think you are. :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

my family

...Here are some images of all of us yesterday and this morning-

My sweet Noah on the swing. I look at this picture and realize how much he has grown up this past year. Wow.

Rhett and Seth on their way to the zoo. The first graders are having a field trip today and Seth is a parent volunteer. He just called and said apparently there are 2 kids to a parent, so wow, that is a lot of parent volunteers. Oh and he said that all the parents had to take their own cars and follow the bus and that this was not the only school having a field trip to the zoo so you can imagine the mess and the traffic trying to get into the zoo. You might want to shoot a little prayer their way...:)
As you can see, Rhett is so excited. He has been looking forward to this for weeks.

Noah took this picture while I was on the swing.

Have a wonderful day!!!