Wednesday, September 30, 2009

family gathering

...This past weekend, I went to Friona with the boys for a family reunion. You see, my grandfather has 5 brothers and sisters. They may be getting older now, but still find the time to get together.

I am amazed at how even though we are all older and the grandkids are having kids now, I feel the same as when I was a little girl and we would go to my great-grandparents house for get-togethers. The older women still gather in the kitchen, bustling around, all trying to set food up and later, clean dishes. The older men still gather in the living room, either to watch a game or talk about their golf game and how terrible they played that day. The younger couples and their parents sit close to the youngest children, watching them play and horse around and making sure they don't get hurt. It is different now because now I am no longer one of those children playing. My kids were some of the oldest children there. But I loved it. I loved getting to see my cousins and their families again (or meet their kids for the first time).

Here is a few reflections of my weekend:

*Full Circle

Friday night, the boys and I went with my brother, his son and my parents to the homecoming football game. Casey and I hadn't been back to watch a game since we graduated so it was a little strange and it made me feel old because I hardly knew anyone anymore. But it was fun to watch the boys, especially Rhett, watch their second cousin play football. They thought he was the bomb. So on Saturday night, it was such a thrill when Brenner (the football player himself!) played football with all the little cousins. Rhett was in heaven! Brenner earned a gold star that day. What is so neat about this whole story is that when Brenner was small, he loved going to the football games to watch Casey play! He was such a fan of Casey that only years later, did he realize Casey had a twin sister. Ha! Ha! Now Brenner has 3 fans, one of which is Casey's son. Very cool indeed.

*At least we can laugh about it

After the football game, we went to my grandparents house for a few minutes to see my cousin, Michelle and her kids. Michelle has three adorable children, two girls (one Rhett's age, one Noah's age) and a boy. Michelle and I were talking about school and of course, the subject turned to the flu as often is the case nowadays. Casey walked over and asked what we were talking about. After hearing that we were talking about the swine flu, Casey looks over at her third grade daughter, Baylen, and says, "What were those pigs thinking? Giving us the flu!" And she says back, quick as a whip, "I know! And I thought pigs were smart!" Hilarious!

*Four class reunions, lots of tractors, two queens, and a marching band

Saturday morning was Friona's Maize Days parade. The kids loved it because of all the candy that was thrown to them. Trailers full of people celebrating their class reunions passed by, some older than others, but all happy to be there. Miss Friona passed by and so did the homecoming queen, but they didn't throw candy, so the kids were not interested. Little Miss Friona did throw candy so she got a better response. It is all about the candy. One guy passed by throwing what it looked like the contents of his truck. Turns out it was notepads advertising his business. Next year, throw candy!

After the parade, we walked around the park where I bought my children whips. Indiana Jones whips. I know. What was I thinking? Hey, Rhett has only whipped himself once so far. :>

*Holly, the hero

Earlier last week, I emailed my friend, Holly, because I thought she might be going to the parade. She was so I asked a favor: get my kids Texas Tech jerseys! They are impossible to find in OKC, can you imagine that? Well, she came through and already, Rhett has worn his 3 times since Saturday. So thank you Holly. We are forever grateful!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

save me

...Noah and Rhett were in charge of putting a pile of things away that were in the hallway and belonged to them. It wasn't a big pile. Maybe 10 small things. One of these things was a parrot sun catcher that I had received in the mail from some "save the birds" company. (I get things like this a lot: Save the wolves. Save the birds. Save the trees. Yeah, save some trees and quit sending me mail! Anywho.) I didn't want the sun catcher and told the boys it was theirs.

My mistake.

Not a minute later, I hear yells coming from their end of the house. I hear a cry, an "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!", and a "Leave me alone!" along with the door slamming. I knew it was about the parrot sun catcher. Why? Because it was something new to them and there was only one.

After assessing the situation, (Noah punched Rhett because he thought Rhett was going to throw something at him. Rhett didn't throw something at him until he did but he missed so it doesn't count, right? After apologizing to each other, although Noah had already apologized three times but only because he didn't want to get in trouble so he reluctantly did it again), I took back the sun catcher that had caused the trouble.

When will I learn?

Monday, September 28, 2009

check this out

...If you like games and music and even more, if you like to make your own music, then you must give this a try. It is kind of addicting.

Raindrop Melody Maker

The game if from Lullatone ( They like to make stuff. It says so on their blog.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a birthday list

...Today is my birthday. I have to be honest-I am not quite as excited that I am one year older as I had been in the past. But that is okay. To celebrate my day, here is a list from this past year:

Things I love that I swore that I never (which sort of makes me a hypocrite)
-Diet Coke.
-Texting. I love texting now that I have a keyboard on my phone! I can text my sister in NC! I can text Seth at work! I can text my neighbor across the street! It is so great.

One Thing I have heard from my son which I had hoped I would never
-Mom, M_____ (a 3 year old neighbor) took her shirt off which is okay because at least she doesn't have her, you know, yet. Funny, I didn't know you had to grow those. I thought they just appeared. -Noah, yesterday, after spending time at a friend's house

Places I have gone and would go to again
-New York
-Washington D.C.

Places I have gone and swore that I would never again but did
-Oklahoma State Fair (Picture this, three heavy-set boys with Mohawks, wearing OU sleeveless jerseys with matching athletic shorts walking around with two women, one pregnant, one older, both of which are wearing tie-dyed dresses. Awesome)

Favorite thing to do with my kids
-Play the Wii. Now, we have Beatles Rockband which is so much fun! Thanks sweetie!

Favorite thing to do when my kids are asleep
-Play the Wii. What? Beatles Rockband!!

Books I read that I didn't think I liked but ended up loving
-The Twilight Saga

Books I read again because I still love
-Harry Potter

Book I recently read that made me a little less naive about the world
-Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years by David Talbot

Favorite Musician
-Joshua Radin

Song that my sons like but I wish they didn't
-Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Current Events that my sons were interested in and wanted to know more about
-Obama becoming President
-Micheal Jackson's death
-40th Anniversary of NASA landing on the moon

Something Cool that happened this year
-Meeting Astronaut Alan Bean and having my kids shake his hand. He also told Rhett he liked his shirt. Sweet.

An I was there when it all went down moment (actually this happened a week before my birthday last year, but it still counts bc I didn't do this list last birthday)
-Walking by Lehman Brothers after attending a broadway show in NYC and seeing all the tv cameras pointed at the building. I had no clue on what happened but we all knew it wasn't good. And we were right.

Still the best thing I am doing with my life
-Being a mom to Rhett and Noah and Seth's wife (of 11 years!!!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

our Wednesday

...Wednesdays are our free day, meaning we don't have any activities that we have to do. I like that it is in the middle of the week. It gives the boys a nice break. The last post I mentioned something about building a lego ship. I actually have been building all of the boys' lego sets again. Mainly because Rhett wanted me too but also because it was bugging me that they weren't built.

Anyway, the boys have been building things with me. I told them that we could check out the new Lego Store that is at one of the malls on our free day. So yesterday, we picked up Seth after work and went.

It is a very cool store and the boys each picked a small set for themselves. Last night, they got to work:

It was a great day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

birthday girl

...So, my oldest sister has a birthday today. I really wanted to write something clever, but I knew thatKrista would do it. And she did. And also because I am trying to build a lego ship. Don't ask.

Anyway, Jana, if you are reading this, I wish you the best of best birthdays. I really wish the boys had a big sister because I know she would have built lego ships for them. Why do I know this? Because that is what big sisters do. So the moms don't have to.


Happy Birthday!

Monday, September 14, 2009

can un-heart be a word? edited with a clarification and again with a note

...One things I heart about the approaching of Fall:

1. The weather is actually cool in the morning. Today, it hasn't gotten over 68 degrees yet. That is because it rained all day yesterday and is cloudy today, but still. 68 degrees. That is close to Ugg weather, I tell you. To clarify: I mean close to when I can wear my Ugg boots again. :)

One thing I un-heart:

1. Flies. For some reason, they are so...sticky at the end of summer. You know, they fly around so close to you in the house, they are everywhere you are, they don't ever land...Can you tell there is one near me right now?

Note: Ha. I wondered where I came up with a great word like "clarification" so quickly and then I remembered (and noticed) Krista's blog post for today: Clarification. Ah, yes. Thanks sis for helping build my blog vocabulary. This stay-at-home mom really needs it! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009


...I have been thinking a lot about my trip to New York with my sisters and mom that we took one year ago. I really wish we were back there this year as well. New York City was a fantastic place to visit. I think what made the trip so special, though, was the chance to really visit with Mom, Jana and Krista.

We flew out on September 11. Many people looked at us like we were crazy to fly out that day. But really, won't September 11 be the safest day to fly, I asked myself, probably trying to convince myself that it really would be okay.

And it was.

A few days later, we went Downtown to look at the World Trade Center site. It was a sombering reminder of how we should not take life or loved ones for granted. That we really should live each day to the fullest. Looking at the emptiness of where the buildings once stood only made that more true to me.
A few blocks away, there stood a flag memorial near the damaged sphere sculpture that survived the attack. It was beautiful and touching. I remember wishing, and it is still a wish today, that Americans still felt as much pride and unity as we did just after 9-11. How easily those feelings vanish and the discord and unhappiness returns.

I hope, today, we remember not only those who lost their lives, who gave their lives, those who survived and those who lost their loved ones but also that feeling of "we are all in this together."

Thursday, September 10, 2009

be prepared and loyal and all of that

...Both boys are Cub Scouts this year. Noah, a tiger, looks darling in his orange and blue doesn't he? Hee Hee! Rhett looks so grown up and handsome. They really take Cub Scouts seriously.

Except when they don't. :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

some bunny

...This past weekend with the bunny wasn't too bad. Holly Spots is a beautiful bunny who still scared me silly. If she hopped past me when I tried to catch her (we let her out so she could exercise), I would squeal because I was afraid of bunny wrath. She did bite Rhett. Not hard, but it still happened.

In this photo, she is enjoying a couple of grapes. Noah is petting her softly (but not on her belly because as Rhett said many, many times, "She does not like that!") and she seems calm. But this was Saturday. By Monday she was almost manic-like in her behavior. Chewing her cage, hopping very fast toward someone, sniffing your feet and legs, grabbing food aggressively from your hands...I am very glad she is back at school.

Friday, September 04, 2009

let's talk about

...Noah: I was up at the school yesterday morning before school started. I said bye to the boys then I went to do something. Afterward, I was walking down the hall and spied my sweet son holding hands with a very cute girl that is in his class. I had to bite my tongue, literally, to keep from squealing, "That is so cute! You are holding hands with a girl!" I played it cool and just walked on by, saying hi to both. Noah looked surprised to see me but he played it cool as well. His hand stayed firmly planted in hers.

Rhett: Last night we were working on some Cub Scout requirements and we got to one that was about Faith. I asked him to name two famous individuals who had faith. He named George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, obviously. After I asked why he said, "George Washington had faith that his soldiers would win the war. And Lincoln had faith that his soldiers would win the war against slavery."

I told him what faith means to me. (That at the end of every day, it is so comforting to know that there is a power bigger than me, than this life, and that He will take care of things. He will take care of me). Rhett said, "Yeah. Sure. I get it."

I keep going. I ask him how he could have faith in his life. He looks at me blankly. I ask him if he could talk to God about his problems and believe that He would take care of them. Believe that God knows what He is doing. Rhett asks, "You can do that? I thought God was much too busy for my problems." I assured him that God wants to hear his problems. He answered, "Ok. I'll remember that for next time."

Who knew what we could both learn from Cub Scouts.

This Weekend: Seth's parents are coming which will be fun. We also will have another guest in our house. Her name is Holly Spots and she is a pregnant bunny. From Rhett's class. I am praying that the bunny does not decide to have little baby bunnies while she is here. I am a little nervous about that and other things.

My Mistrust of Rabbits: When I was younger, we had a pet rabbit. I won't call this rabbit a bunny because he was much too mean for that cute name. He scratched and bit and ran away all the time. I remember one time, the rabbit got out of the fenced in area that my dad had built for it and Casey thought we needed to go after it. We were in the fenced-in area and Casey knew if he helped me over the sharp, metal fence it would be so much quicker than us going in the house and out another door. Of course it would. So he tries to lift me up and gets me over half-way and then lets go of me. I end up falling over to the other side but not before the fence leaves huge scratches down my back. I know I cried. I don't know who ended up catching the rabbit but it wasn't me. That rabbit eventually ran away for good and no one missed it. Every since, I don't trust bunny rabbits. Sure they look cute. That is where they fool you.

My use of pesticides: I tried so hard. I had such dreams for my butterfly garden. Big, beautiful flowers and lots of color with many butterflies all over the place.

The reality is that the only insect who has really being enjoying my garden is the ant. So I finally broke down yesterday and put some insect killer down. I know I won't kill the butterflies because they haven't been around. Sigh. Maybe next year.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

a short note

...Rhett and Noah are in Cub Scouts this year. I just spent an hour sewing patches and replacing buttons and I am wondering if they can get patches taken away because of their mother's lack of sewing skills. Maybe no one will look close enough.