Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the howling wind, broken eggs, Noah

Oh, how I hate the wind.  Last night, it blew so hard.  My neighbor's wind chimes were out of control and the wind carried the sound of the trains going by right to my window.  We have a lot of trains going through Edmond in the middle of the night.  Most of the time I can barely hear it. 

Yesterday, the boys and I dyed Easter eggs.  These eggs were hard boiled, until I realized they really weren't.  Never fun finding that out.  FYI: Soft-boiled eggs are just as messy as raw eggs.  Rhett was disappointed because he really wanted to eat a hard-boiled egg.  I am the one who broke them.  One on the floor.  Eww. 

This morning, I woke Noah up.  He said, "Mom, how am I going to get through 7 hours of school?"  Poor kid.  Doesn't realize how good he has it in first grade.

That is all I have. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

don't tell my kids about this

Saturday, our church held their Easter Egg Hunt.  We didn't go.

Look, I am all for having Easter Egg Hunts early.  Well, not really.  Seriously, I wasn't ready.  We went to church yesterday and during Children's Moment, the lovely children's minister asked what next week was and my kids probably had no clue.  What?  Easter is here?  Already?

At least that is what I thought.  So when a friend at our soccer game on Saturday asked if we were going to hunt Easter Eggs that day, I balked.  First, it was just awful outside.  Windy, cold and rainy.  Baa.  Second, it wasn't Easter yet! 

Am I making too big of deal out of this?  Maybe.  I said to my friend that I wish they could have it on Easter or even the day before.  She said, "Oh.  I guess.  But I am sure they have a hard time fitting it all in."  I don't see.

Luckily, our neighborhood is having an Easter Egg Hunt this coming Saturday.  The day before Easter.  And if we happen to miss that, I will hide Easter eggs in our backyard filled with goodies.  Unless it is cold. Then it will be inside.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sharing six things, mostly random things

  • I'm missing my spellcheck on my blogger.  Did you realize I misspelled typo-ed "statement" in my title from yesterday? 
  • I'm eating jellybeans and my teeth will pay for it later, but oh well.
  • I have my hair in a bun styled like Jessica Alba:

Except that it isn't that fabulous.  Mine is less fancy, thinner headband, more disheveled (meaning: windblown).  Yes, I had to look up disheveled to make sure I spelled it right.  Stupid non-existent spell checker.

  • I am, oh, so excited, for Lost tonight.  Lots of answers await.  Including, how old is Richard Alpert? 
  • I just finished reading Beautiful Creatures by Kari Garcia and Margaret Stohl.  It was right up my alley:  supernatural forces, love, drama, oh and southern roots thrown in.  Awesome.  Can't wait for the sequel in October. 
  • It looks like we are staying here until end of school year.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, I am happy the boys will get to finish out their year here.  On another hand, we miss Seth.  Only 2 more months, only 2 more months...

Monday, March 22, 2010

making a statemtent with my shoes

Have you heard about TOMS shoes?  "With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  One for One."?  I bought some today.  I have wanted some for a long time because they are perfect casual shoes to wear with jeans or capris or skirts. (Although, I don't wear skirts much).  And they are comfortable which is big when your feet are used to Ugg boots but aren't quite ready for open-toed shoes.  And they come in all different styles and colors.  I went in thinking I was going to get black but saw these (above) and knew those were the ones.  They actually have statistics about the world as a village: 

if the world was a village of 100 people
3 are slaves
23 drink polluted water
43 live on less than $2 a day
40 have no shoes

and so on.

What a statement.  These shoes are made from hemp and recycled plastic bottles. 

To be fair to myself, I have always had a wacky taste in shoes.  I had yellow converse high-tops.  I wore light brown suede ankle boots with shorts.  I even owned a pair of plaid, canvas shoes with chunky heels.  Those were not comfortable.  So to buy plain black Toms wasn't in the cards for me.  Not when I saw these.  What can I say? 

Does this mean I will give up my sheepskin and wool-lined boots that are not good for the environment?

Of course not, you silly!

But I think I just made my-Ugg-boot-wearing-self a little less guilty about it.

We all have to start somewhere.

And these were just so cute...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

a short note on family fun

Last night, the boys and I played Monopoly (not the junior kind) and it was actually fun.  No having to count out their money-both made change like math whizzes! No need to read the cards (although I have to say that Community Chest and Chance are a little outdated...guess that is why they have a new Monopoly game out there).  Heck, they even made sure to pay rent on the space they landed on, even if Rhett we weren't paying attention (I can't say I did the same every time).  This was the first time playing that game didn't seem like a chore.  (No offense to my two offspring).

I don't know how it will go once their dad plays with them.  He is a shark and has bankrupted me quickly before.  Until I played with Seth, I had no idea that the game could end.  :)

Have a good day!

Friday, March 12, 2010

it's time for a catch up

We still haven't moved.

Rhett is having a Hippy Party today in his honor in his class.  Although we keep pushing the move date back, his teacher says she still is having the party for him and she is glad to keep him for a while longer.

Noah has started soccer and loves it.  Really loves it.  Noah doesn't like physical activity, so I am super excited.  It only took 3 years.

Speaking of physical activity, today the boys are getting roller blades.  I promised.  It is Spring Break next week and that seems like a good time to learn roller blading.  They really want to play Ice Hockey, so I told them they must learn how to skate first.  First step: Learn how to roller blading.  Second step:  See if we get past the first step.  Third step:  If they are successful and still love it and still want to play ice hockey, we will start going to the ice rink and practice ice skating.  If after all of that they still want to play ice hockey, the rinks offer Ice Hockey camps and lessons, so that would be step 4.  If they are committed, then I am willing. But we are not repeating another "I want to do this!" and four weeks later, after signing up for guitar lessons and buying an age appropriate guitar want to quit because it is too hard and we just don't like it!  I know, I should have made Rhett continue on but it got to be a battle every day.  I don't know how my mom did it.  (Piano lessons for all of us.  I do remember her threatening to ground me if I missed one more lesson, the only time I remember her threatening to do that).  This has turned into something not about ice hockey so moving on...

My house is pretty and clean and freshly painted. Now please somebody buy it.

We have stopped going to Boy Scouts.  Not because the boys stopped wanting to go, because I just don't want to take them.  Is that sending a great message or what?  Maybe I am the one with the problem and not the boys after all.  See above rant about guitar lessons.

My mom and dad and my nephew are coming for a visit.  It may be their last visit to this home.  I am glad they are coming.  Seth is coming home today too.  Yay!

I have to go feed the dogs now. I think I have said pretty much all I wanted to say.  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

32 going on 12, maybe 13

Yesterday, my son, Rhett, brought home a surprise for me.  It actually made me laugh at loud and then marvel at how much he must love to make me happy.

It was this

He said he won it at his class auction that they have every month.  They use "Buffalo Bucks" that they earn throughout the month for turning in their homework on time or keeping their desk neat, ect. 

He dropped 70 Buffalo Bucks on it.

Of course, my poster is a little worse for wear.  It has creases from being folded into the size of a sheet of paper.  It has pin holes from being hung up on a wall.  There is even a slight tear near the bottom. 

Which makes me wonder:

What girl decided she no longer liked Edward aka Robert Pattinson enough to hang on her wall?
Who took his place?
Was it Jacob?
Or maybe the heartthrob from Dear John or maybe it was Justin Bieber?
Or maybe she just redecorated her room when she decided she was too old to have posters of cute guys on her wall.

I remember who was on my walls when I was younger. 

Mike aka Kirk Cameron
Michael J. Fox in his Back to the Future Days


I have strayed from my original thought.  Which is that Rhett beat out a third grade girl for this poster just for me.  I asked him why.  He said, "I knew Twilight makes you happy."

I will keep this poster (not on a wall, darn it) as a reminder that my son will stand teasing from other kids in his class to buy a poster for his mom.  And I won't think too hard about what this actually says about me.  :)

He is going to be a great boyfriend someday.

Fun Question:  If you were in my position, who would you wish were on your poster?