Friday, August 31, 2007

do you need a laugh?

...Well, then, you've come to the right place!
Have a fun Friday and a great Labor Day weekend!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Tale of Three Little Dogs

...There once was a little dog who belonged to one little boy. It was a gift from his great-grandmother, given to him on Valentine's Day when he was two. It was white, had a red collar and a heart on his eye. The poor dog was left alone for awhile, but one day, out of the blue, this little boy found it and it became his wonderful friend. He would sleep with it, take it places, and yes, sometimes even lose it. Most of the time, thank goodness, Little Dog would be found.

The little boy's mommy, thinking one day Little Dog would be lost for good, decided to order two more on the wonderful world wide web, just in case they needed a replacement. If not, she thought it would be a great gift for the little boy when he grew up and had children himself. (The mommy is such a nostalgic cheese ball sometimes.)

So, for two years, Little Dog would accompany Little Boy everywhere. Some nights the parents would look high and low for it, because, apparently, it really liked to play hide and go seek. One night, however, it could not be found. After searching for many minutes, the mommy decided to go get one of the replacements. Knowing she could not pull off "Here is Little Dog!" because he was so new and white (and Original Little Dog was no longer white--maybe a grey?) she said he was Little Dog's cousin. Little Boy agreed that Cousin Dog could stay.

A few days later, Little Dog came back. Much rejoicing was had at Little Boy's household. But, now, what to do with Cousin Dog? Never fear, Little Brother was here to take Cousin Dog, now named Little Dog, and love him like his own.

Two years later, two boys are growing up and, surprisingly, still love two Little Dogs. Not-quite-so-Little-Anymore-Boy isn't so attached anymore but still sleeps with his Little Dog. Growing-up-to-fast-Little Brother really loves his Little Dog. Unfortunately (did you see this coming?), one day, in the not so distant past, Little Brother's Little Dog decided to play hide and go seek himself. No one could find him. So, out came the Third Little Dog, looking new and white. This time, mommy said that this was her Little Dog, but Little Brother could borrow it until his Little Dog could be found. She asked that he take good care of it (because mommy still had her dreams of giving it to Little Boy and his child someday).

One month later, Second Little Dog was found stuffed in a shoe basket. Not-so-Careful-Little Brother rejoiced and gave mommy back "her" Little Dog. Unfortunately, the third Little Dog will no longer be given as a gift because his little nose has remnants of blue Spongebob band-aids that won't quite come all the way off.


And they all live happily ever after. Or at least until Little Dog or Little Dog decides to hide again.

The end.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i'm free

...of recipe clutter, that is. No more pages torn out of magazines, no more newspaper clippings, no more scraps of paper with recipes written on them...they are all in the recycle bin where they belong. Whew.

Now, before you get all proud of me, I have to tell you what I did and what made Seth look at me like I was crazy. I typed all my favorite recipes (from said clippings and magazines) and then printed them out and put them in a binder. One notebook full of things that I have tried and loved or am dying to try. It took me about a month, working on and off, but I am done with my recipe project. And hopefully, I will keep up with it, so instead of piles of recipes cluttering my kitchen cabinet, I will just type it out and keep it on the computer. Hopefully this will really make me stop and make sure I really want the recipe. Do I really think it is type-out wonderful? Will we really eat this ever again, because if not I am not wasting my time typing it out! :) Yes, I realize this was not the most efficient way of handling things, but it worked for me.

And the Berenstein Bears would be proud of me--I re-organized the boys closets and toys, putting them in catagorized boxes and even finding missing items (like Noah's Little Dog that was missing for 2 months.) There rooms look great and I will not be losing my cool anymore like Mama Bear did in The Berenstein Bears and the Messy Room.

So, I feel a little more free today.

Monday, August 27, 2007

back to his old self

...Noah is feeling so much better! Friday, I took him to the doctor and she diagnosed pneumonia. Apparently, little kids can take this hit and keep on ticking, because he never seemed super sick. He was tired and I could tell he didn't feel well, but by Sunday he was back to normal.

Rhett loves school so much he said on Saturday that he wished it was a school day!

My husband worked hard all weekend to build a fence on the side of our house. It looks awesome! Our old fence was at a low height and a little rickety. This new fence is made of cedar (sniff--ahh!) and is tall and will keep our dogs inside our backyard. Yay!

And me, well, I am going to clean house and do laundry.

Have a great Monday!

Friday, August 24, 2007

back to the doctor

...This time for Noah. He woke up with a fever, sore throat and cough. Ugg. I shouldn't complain, because they both have been fairly healthy for about a year, but no parent likes when their child is sick. And to make it worse, Noah does not want to go to the doctor at all and is already mad about it.

But on the bright side, Noah is really doing well at swimming lessons. He has learned how to float on his back for 10 seconds and is almost swimming by himself, so that is great! We are just going to let him continue next month and Rhett will finally get to join him as well. Rhett missed out because of his illness the first of this month.

So we are just going to hang low today. Yay for Friday.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

an anniversary to remember

...Here is Seth and me, right after eating his present. Ha! Actually, I cooked a short ribs and rice dish for him and then baked him a Blueberry Cheesecake. Both delicious!

I wish I was a better food photographer than I am because this picture does not do this cheesecake justice. It was the easiest recipe and although I don't know all the tricks on baking a cheesecake, it turned out so yummy!

Now, on to my gift. Seth may not like me telling this story but it just shows how cute he is. The other day he said he had already picked out my gift. Then, a little later, he said he wasn't sure I would like it. So he showed it to me online. It was a beautiful James Avery necklace but I decided to be honest and say that I don't think I would wear it that often because it was too dressy. I felt bad about deflating him, but I didn't want him to get me something and me not wear it, you know?

Then I was asking what gift you should give for a 9th anniversary and we looked it up and saw leather. So I said, "You should get me a purse!" He laughed and said, "Yeah, right"

Fast forward to Tuesday night. I had dinner with friends, so I dropped the boys off with Seth. When I got home around 9:30 pm, Seth said he found my present and he knew I wouldn't like it but I could return it. He removes a purse from a Dillards bag! And, I am going to sound so mean here, but I started laughing because as cute as I thought he was, I did not like the bag! I actually said to him that it was an old lady bag! Hee! But it was all in good fun because I knew by then that he dragged the boys to 3 different stores looking for this thing: Coach, Brighton and Dillards. So I really appreciate his effort because how many men do you know that would look for a purse for their wife without her there? I don't know many. :)

So, yesterday, Noah and I went back to Dillard's to return the bag and find one I liked better. And here is what I found, on clearance, no less, so I bought 2!

A beautiful Kate Landry bag that has a soft lining and many pockets and places to put things. I saw this and instantly loved it! It is fun and different. Seth just shook his head and said he would have never picked that out in a million years. :)

And my second bag (also on clearance) is a Flora Bella beach bag. It is huge and will carry more than one towel, unlike my old one. It just makes me happy looking at it!

So thank you, Seth, for my bags! I think I had more fun picking them out than you did, but I love that you thought of buying me a purse, even when you knew it would be impossible to find one I liked without me!

We had a great anniversary. Thanks to our parents for the cards and thanks to you all for the happy wishes!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

in the last 9 years

...I have

*loved more than I could have ever thought possible

*had the two greatest boys ever with a man who is such a wonderful dad

*moved at least 7 times

*bought 5 different houses and sold 4 in a great amount of time

*have gone to at least 3 major baseball games

*lived in 3 different states

*been to the ER 6 different times (3 for me, 2 for Seth, 1 for Noah)

*been late countless of times because of my sweetie and no, I don't think it is ever gonna change :)

*cried and laughed more than I ever have

*baked at least 15 poppyseed cakes, 10 apple pies, 5 million dollar pies, and 3 key lime pies (Seth's favorite desserts)

*not yet baked one of his very favorite desserts: punchbowl cake. I will leave that up to his mom!

*gone to sleep feeling safe and secure every night

*not ironed more than I have ironed.

*done more laundry than I had ever cared to do.

*learned how to use a drill, a lawnmower and an edger

*but still not learned how to tip correctly ;)

*fought about the silliest things and really believed it was worth it

*been on this roller coaster of ups and downs with a man that happens to like roller coasters. :)

*known that every minute, every day is worth the effort

Seth, I love you even more than the day we were married 9 years ago. I remember walking down the aisle of the church, crying and thinking how strange it was that I was crying because I it was the first (but not last) time I cried when I was happy. And you do make me happy. Thank you for loving me, for being an awesome dad and for being you. Even when you do make us late. :)

Happy Anniversary sweetie!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a good day

...Rhett got off the bus smiling big yesterday. He had a really great day! He was excited to go back! He loves riding the bus both ways too. Especially now, since he found out he does NOT have to sit in the same seat every day. :) He was shocked to find this out:

A: Did you sit by your friend C, today, on the bus?
R: No. He sat by the older kids. He must like them more than me.
A: No, I doubt it. But I am sure he just wanted to sit by them--to be cool, you know?
R: Yeah.
A: You do know that you don't have to sit in the same seat every day right?
R: I sat in the same seat I did last year.
A: I know. But you don't have to.
R: I don't?!?
A: No. I mean, the bus driver didn't tell you that did he, that you have to sit in the same seat?
R: No. I just thought we had to!
A: No! You can sit anywhere you want!

So, this morning, he picked a different seat and waved at me from an open window! So exciting!

Noah had a really great day yesterday too. He watched Sesame Street and loved it, which is great because I really wanted him to watch an educational show in the morning when Rhett was at school. He talked about it all day! Funny that a show that has been around that long can still capture a kid's' attention.

No pool though. It only opens 5-8 pm now until the end of August. Then it closes for the season. Bummer.

And, as for me, I had a great day too. It is amazing how much one can get done if one drags herself out of bed a little earlier in the morning! Seth told me not to over-do it--he doesn't want me to get burned out! Ha. Ha.

Today, Noah and I are going to do a little shopping. I do have an anniversary tomorrow with my honey. :)

Have a great day!

Monday, August 20, 2007

seeing it all

...Today is Rhett's first day of First Grade!! Can you believe it? I can hardly myself. I think he thinks he is going to be at school forever and never get to come home because he keeps saying things like, "I'm never gonna get to play with my friends again!' or "I'll never see you!" so I try to assure him that he will be home soon. :)

Rhett is such a creature of habit. On the bus, he sat in the exact same seat as last year. He sat in that seat every day last year. I'll have to ask him if he thinks he has to sit in the same seat every time.

If you want to really see how much he has grown, then look at this post: Rhett's First Day of Kindergarten. Amazing really. I am excited for him. I think he will have a great year.


This was taken on Saturday. If you saw the news, Oklahoma had unusual weather early Sunday morning. But it started out normal enough: just rain from the remnants of Tropical Storm Erin. I told Seth I thought it was so weird knowing that the rain was from a tropical storm, us being so far inland. The boys had fun in the rain, playing in the puddles. It rained on and off all day Saturday.

Then, the "remnants" of Erin formed into a tropical depression right over Oklahoma! This happened right around midnight and Seth and I ended up watching the weather on and off all night long. Honestly, I had never seen so much rain fall that hard for that long in my life. It just wouldn't stop! I think it rained hard from midnight to about 7 in the morning. It is funny that even living in Houston for two years, I had to come to Oklahoma to experience a tropical storm. And now I can say I have seen almost every type of weather here--just in one year of living here!

Luckily, we weren't flooded. Areas around us were and still are. Some schools cancelled their first days because of the high water. Which is amazing--they already had to use a snow day!


Now the sun is shining and hopefully, the hot hot weather is gone. It still will be hot and humid, but maybe not over 100 degrees hot. I think I'll take Noah to the pool a little later today to pass the time before Rhett gets home. (Just do me a favor and don't mention that to Rhett, kay?)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

it's somebody's birthday!!

...And that somebody is Pop (aka Sammy)! Actually, his birthday is the 19th, but I didn't know if I would be on the computer tomorrow, so hence his birthday wishes today. Rhett wished you could be here so we could have a party and Noah agreed saying he wished you were here to have cake. So although we miss you, we hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Pop!
Happy Birthday to you!

We love you!

Friday, August 17, 2007

last day of summer bliss

...for Rhett anyway. He asked yesterday how long he would have to go to school and was shocked to find out that it was everyday, all day. He asked: But when am I going to see you, Mom? Sweet boy.

I, personally, am ready for school to begin. (Doesn't every mother say that?) Rhett and Noah are finally sick of Spongebob (especially after last week when they watch a lot of tv because of Rhett's illness), it is too hot outside to, well, be outside, they are bored of playing and bored of coloring and just bored. So guess what? They are always following me around while I putter around the house trying to get things done! I won't lie to you, it is annoying. :) So I think school will be nice for them. For Rhett. Noah still has two weeks to go...

You can tell Rhett is getting older. He is trying to use big words and use sayings that he hears adults use. It is pretty cute. This morning he wanted me to look up the cost of what a Game Boy and a Playstation would be because he is saving his money. When I told him the price of a Playstation 3, which is over $300, he said, May God help us all! I almost burst out laughing.

Noah is taking swimming lessons at Seth's work and is doing so well! Yesterday was the first chance I had to watch him and I was so impressed. He is learning basic strokes! I am excited for him. I really never learned the correct strokes so when I swim, it is pretty hilarious to people watching me, I am sure. I told Seth to sign me up for swimming lessons too!

All in all, I think that this has been a great summer. Lazy afternoons at the pool, getting to see cousins, playing with friends, neighborhood bar-b-ques, watching lots of cartoons, trip to St. Louis, getting to sleep in (ok, that is more my thing, not the boys. Hee!), it has been fun.

And I know that this school year will be a lot of fun too.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Holly's happy day

...Look here for Justin and Holly's happy news. Congratulations friends!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Scrapbook Tuesday returns

...Here is a sneak of a layout I created for If you want to see the whole thing, go the gallery (link is on the right). I just wanted to show Krista her beautiful daughter's picture and the journaling along with it. Phoebe loves her mama and did not seem to care for the rest of the adults at all (Seriously, she would give me these "evil-eye" looks and when I would try to hold her and talk to her, she would stick her lip out and cry silently!) until her mom and dad went to Lubbock to celebrate their anniversary. Then a whole different Phoebe emerged. She laughed, she smiled (even at me) and she had the most fun. So, I created this layout as proof to her mom that Phoebe did have a good time in Friona with her cousins. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

joy and a concern--updated

...Just a quick post today. I am trying to get Rhett back into the doctor's office today...his fever keeps coming back and now he is coughing so badly, sometimes it seems he can't catch his breath. I hope it is just bronchitis.

But I did want everyone to know that Christy and Casey had a beautiful baby boy Friday morning. His name is Connor Reese and he weighs 7 lbs and is 21 inches long! I talked to Casey and he said that his little one had some red hair on his head. I can't wait for pictures! Christy, I am so excited for you!

So after spending all morning at the doctor, I can now say that Rhett has (we think) walking pneumonia and (maybe) the beginnings of asthma. Yeah, it doesn't sound like I know anymore than I knew before. The doctor took an chest x-ray and said it could still just be viral, but with the fever, it probably is w.pneumonia. So, antibiotics for that should take care of the infection. But then she said that he was taking breaths the way asthmatics do. So she is treating that as well with an inhaler and a steroid. (In case, you really don't want to know all of this, I am sorry, but it is so helpful to write all of this down.) I asked her if he has asthma and she said she wasn't sure but she thinks so. Then she said, We always need to have the inhaler on hand so it does not get out of control again. Yikes.

So, right now, I am just trying to soak everything in. When you hear pneumonia and asthma in the same breath, it boggles your brain. At least it did mine. I don't want Rhett to have to deal with asthma but I am trying not to think about that right now. We go back in 2 weeks, so we will see what she says then.

Anyway, that is our story.

Friday, August 10, 2007

what a beautiful morning

...and I should know because I have been up since 5:30 am. :)

This is why:

*My parents and brother got up that early to drive to Tulsa, OK so they can attend the PGA golf championship. I think Mom is more excited than the other two! I am worried about the heat, so I made sure that they had plenty of things to keep them cool: big umbrellas for shade, misters for their faces, sunscreen, water, frozen grapes...Never mind that they can't bring any coolers in the tournament, at least they'll have some of it for later...

*Casey's son, Cameron, is an early riser. I went for a walk at 6:30 and when I got back, he was already awake and watching tv. So no sleeping late for me today no matter what!

*Christy is supposed to be having her baby today, at 7 am, so I have been wondering about her. I am anxiously awaiting...

*I was worried about Rhett and hoping he wouldn't have "the fever" today. (That is what Rhett says: "Uncle Casey, I can't go to swim lessons because I have the fever." "I can't jump on the trampoline because I still have the fever." Very funny. I keep thinking Dance Fever whenever he says that.) Anyway, I was going to have to call the doctor back and was not looking forward to taking 3 boys to the dr and not looking forward to Rhett not being well for another day, poor guy, but happily, the fever was gone when he woke up. Yay! (And now that I have spelled the word "fever" so many times, it looks funny to me. Has that ever happened to you?)

*Seth is going to Dallas today to meet his dad and brother so they can watch baseball this weekend. I am excited for them. I hope they have a good time!

So all these things made it impossible for me to go back to sleep when Seth's alarm went off at 5:30 am this morning. But I did get to enjoy 70 degree weather while walking and that was nice, because it won't stay that way for long.

I hope you had a good morning and have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

what today means to me

...First, there is no reason, really, why today means something to me. I do know an old friend that has a birthday today (8-8!), my mom is coming today, I did a little walking this morning, these things are great and are special. But my title does not mean that today is a very important date.

I am just trying to focus on the things in my life that are real, the here and now. Why today? Because yesterday was a blah day. Because while I was at the doctor's office with Rhett, the doctor said that we need to watch for pneumonia. (He is fine and she thinks he just has a cold but she said she has seen many cases lately, so we just need to be aware).

But I think that is when I jumped out of my blahness. I have been thinking a lot lately of who I am and how I think I am a bit flaky about things. I get excited about something, jump head first without thinking and then a few months down the line, am disappointed when it is not working out like I had hoped it would. I have done this more times than I really want to admit. So I had been feeling a little disappointed in myself that I am this way. I don't want to be like that anymore.

So right there at the doctor's office, I decided that I was going to first, enjoy my kids more. We are so lucky that we have two healthy kids that are close to each other and are active and are so alive with energy. I appreciate that so much. I don't always appreciate myself, though, and I should. I love being a stay-at-home mom. I need to stop thinking I need to "do" something else because I feel like I am not doing enough. Being a mom is tough. It is the hardest job I have ever had. It is also the most fun! I want to enjoy it.

Second, I am going to get focused. This is where I become flaky I think. I just don't always see the big picture because I just want to see the end result. I am very thankful for Seth because he always tries to slow me down and help me to see everything that goes in to this project or that idea. He grounds me. So I am slowing down. Again, enjoying life.

So today is a new day.


Did you know that I have been blogging for a year now? Thanks for reading my thoughts and sharing my life with me! I appreicate all of you so much and hope you have a good day!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


...Rhett has a cold, so today I am making him rest, drink plenty of fluids and yes, watch tv. That is the only way he will actually sit down and rest!

I, myself, am feeling a little lazy these past few days. I usually try to go for a walk/jog in the mornings before Seth goes to work but I haven't in a week. Just haven't felt up to it, no energy. Of course, if I start again, then I will have the energy I need to get through the day, so it is a vicious circle.

So it is a blah day here. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better...

Monday, August 06, 2007



1. Steve and Barry's : I have heard a few things about this store over the years, but most recently when Sarah Jessica Parker put her own clothing line in the store. So, being a SJP fan, I had to check it out. Bummed that they didn't have an online store, I immediately became excited when I found out there was a store in OKC! So yesterday(Tax Free Day) we went to a mall, a little out of the way, a little run down for our taste, but it was so worth it for me! I found jeans, I found t-shirts, I found nice shirts...everything under $20. Everything good quality. Love it! I will be going back...especially since we found an outside entrance to the store. That way we don't have to go into the mall itself.

2. My friend/neighbor and her comment that she thinks Pottery Barn is trying to take over the world because they now have Superhero bedding. :)

3. Noah being just like me. Last night I went into his room and found that he had written his name on his nightstand. I asked him if he did that, he nodded, looking scared, and knowing in my heart that I could not discipline him for it (because I, yes me, did exactly the same thing as a kid--maybe not on a nightstand but I drew on my sisters' dolls, I wrote my brother's name on the walls, you get the picture) I told Noah to go get daddy. So Seth had to discipline him. When will those kids learn--write your brother's name, not your own! :)

4. that my best friend is having a baby on Friday! Christy has a c-section planned for this Friday and I am so excited to meet her little boy! Keep her, her husband and that sweet baby-yet-to-be-born in your prayers that everything goes as planned and the baby and mom is healthy and safe!

5. that my dad and mom are going to go to a PGA tournament this weekend. I am so excited for my dad! I hope they have a good time. It is in Tulsa, so they (along with my brother) are coming here for the weekend. But, of course, it if finally getting hot (upper 90s) and no rain in sight to cool anything off, so I hope there is a lot of shade at Southern Hills golf course.

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

i have photos!

...Good Saturday to you! I have been trying to do 10 things at the same time but thought I would take a little break to post some pictures (long-awaited, I am sure!) here.

This is my buffet. If you had ever seen it before (white-washed, different colored doors), you know there is a big difference. I really am enjoying it because it has freed up some very needed space in my kitchen! Yay!
This is my entry way view from the front door. I really wanted to show you the paint color. It is neutral but it looks so much better than it did! No more dirty walls, no more spots of mismatched paint, just nice and clean looking. Usually, the chairs are where I place my purse and other things so it looks a little messier than this!
I just wanted to show you a picture of this beautiful sky. About a week and a half ago, the sky became very dark and I looked out the window and I saw all these clouds, rolling by. The picture does not do it justice because it was absolutely breath-taking. It looked like waves of clouds, moving so quickly. 20 minutes later, it began to rain. And that was the last rain storm we have had. A record for here! :)
These last pictures remind me all of what was great about summertime growing up. Locust skins! I can remember going to our willow tree in the back yard and finding these skins (although we never found this many at one time!) and placing them on our shirts. They would attach to almost anything. About a week ago, I was out by our neighbor's willow tree and found these all over our fence. I showed the boys what they were and what they could do with them and ever since then, they have collected skins almost every day! They have a cupful. It is kind of creepy looking at all of the skins in one place but I have to laugh because the boys have so much fun with them.
Seth put these on Noah's shirt to "freak Mommy out" the other day but what really freaked me out was when Seth caught a live locust and started chasing me around with it. It was making a loud crazy noise (the locust, not the husband) and its wings were moving as fast as they could and I could not take it! :) The boys thought it was hilarious!
I think the boys are learning more and more about their mom all the time. They already know so much about me and the things they know...
For instance, the other day I was cleaning the house. I was trying to really clean it because I hadn't done that in awhile. Rhett, out of the blue, asks if Grandmom is coming to our house. I told him, well, not right now, why? He said, "Because you are cleaning!"
Have a great weekend! I am going to clean the house--because Grandmom is really coming in less than a week! :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

miss do-it-yourself

...Yep, that is me. At least that is what I thought last night, while trying to finish my buffet cabinet. I was just pretty darn proud of myself. Then, the unthinkable happened--I had problems! The doors wouldn't all fit because the hinges were too big. Frustration building, I went in from the very warm garage from where I was working to the nice cool house where Seth was and asked him what he would think if I left some doors off. I wanted him to say, "That is a fantastic idea, Aimee. I think that would look very cool!"

Uh, no. That is not what he said, as you can imagine. This is engineer Seth, you know. He said basically that doors would be better.

So back to the garage. I thought a little and figured out a way to fit them. And I finished it. It looks pretty good-not professionally done-but pretty good. I will show a picture when I have it in the kitchen (right now it is still in the garage). And I still am proud that I did it all by myself and that I didn't hand the project over to Seth when I became frustrated.

Now that this project is over, I can safely say that I am glad it is done and I am glad I don't have to do anymore sanding and drilling! And I think Miss Do-It-Yourself is putting her tool belt, paint brushes and sandpaper away for awhile.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

a date with mom

...This morning the boys and I had a breakfast date. The reason: we were out of milk, frozen waffles, pancake mix and poptarts. So after getting dressed, we headed to Panera Bread (and thanks to a gift card from a friend, it was a really cheap date!) and had bagles, cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk (boys) and Chai Tea Latte (me). We ate outside on their patio and fed the birds, who, in turn, fed their babies. We had fun and it was really nice.

Rhett starts school in 20 days. Full day, 5 days a week, no more lunches at home, kind of school. He is a little nervous, I think. But excited too. So this was a nice memory for us to do have a breakfast date. Maybe we will do it more often, because knowing me, we'll run out of milk again. :)