Friday, March 02, 2012

I blame my phone. 

I take any and all pictures on it unless its something planned and then I bring my camera.  But for everyday, I use my phone.

Then if I take something that is worth sharing, I post it on Facebook.  It is quick and easy.

But then, I have nothing to post here.

So here this blog sits, empty of new information.

But here is a quick story:

The other day, Noah asked me to answer some questions on his DS Pokemon game.  It was sort of like a personality test and after you answered your questions, it would match a Pokemon with a similar personality.  Noah wanted this particular Pokemon and somehow he knew I could get it for him.  Strange enough, I did.  It was a Calm- type Pokekmon (don't worry if you don't understand what I'm saying, I really don't either) and I love the fact that Noah knew he couldn't get it himself. 

Here are some of the questions:

If you found a treasure box you would...
a) open it right away
b) could be a trap!

I answered A and the game called me gullible.

If you find yourself facing a big and angry gang of pirates would you
a) run
b) fight

I said A to that as well.  I almost lied and said B but I know that I would run.  It called me careful.

Some of the other questions asked things that made me, in the game's words, "sloppy," "peacemaker" and "slow to anger"

But then this question...

Do you find that your life is becoming Dull and Uninspiring?

I answered no, because, well, I was offended that it would even think so. I actually said, "Why would it ask me that question? Does it think that?" (Never mind that this is from a DS game and Noah could have cared less...He just wanted a specific Pokemon!) But it did make me think.

No matter what I do or don't do, I hope I never look back and say that I was not inspired or even that I was boring.  And I think that is one of the reasons I haven't blogged in awhile.  I felt stuck in a rut and everything I wrote was dull and uninspired.  I don't want that for myself or for you. So maybe I'll get inspired again to write here sometime or maybe not. 

For now, though, we are doing well.  We are busy, we are trying to raise our kids the best way we know how and we are still on our way to wherever life takes us next.

Until next time...


Krista said...

That's a weird thing for a game to ask! But I definitely don't think it's true of you, whether you blog or not.

It's good to hear from you, though!

Karen said...

Yes, it is good to hear from you. I am more likely to look at this than

Maddy said...

i just loved the article.

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