Monday, December 19, 2011

birthdays birthdays birthdays

I am getting a little nervous. Blizzard warnings where we are supposed to be traveling? Eeek. My husband is the best though and is trying to find a way to get us to my family. I owe him the world. And it will all work out. I just keep telling that to myself.  We'd rather be safe than not.  Oh, but it is so hard when you want to get somewhere and there are obstacles.  To make matters worse, I can't hold my mail online or over the phone.  What is the point of technological advances if they do not work? 

But, BUT, it is Noah's birthday today.  And he is happy.  So there is that.  And we are all healthy (knock on wood...I totally did, did you?) so there is that too.  And we will get to our destination somehow and sometime.  Breathe...

Here are my favorite fellows...

Here is Noah's cookie cake.  He wanted a green angry bird, so I put one on his cake.  It turned out pretty well (although his beak is much bigger in the game...He is a toucan.  Oh well)
Rhett wanted an ice cream sandwich cake.  It was fairly easy to make.  :)  It is too cold for me though.  Rhett loved it though!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and if you are traveling, be safe.