Wednesday, December 07, 2011

ode to all things peppermint-y

One of my favorite things to do this month is make peppermint bark.  It's easy, it's yummy and it is a good little gift to give away.  (Except the one year I made it and didn't give it away and I ended up eating the whole batch by myself.  Ugh. Because of that, I didn't make it the next year.  I needed time to reclaim my love of peppermint bark.)

Usually, I make it to look like this:
One bag of creme de mint baking chips, one bag of good quality white chocolate baking chips, and crushed up peppermints (I used the softer kind this year so it's not so crunchy).  Melt the creme de mint chips in microwave, spread out and let harden.  Melt white chips, stir in a few peppermints, spread on top of chocolate, top with some more peppermints, let harden.  Break and enjoy.  I like keeping it in the fridge because it tastes super yummy cold.

This year, I also made it like this:
In this batch, (that is still too soft to break apart) I melted bittersweet chocolate chips, and topped it with a layer of Hersey's Peppermint Kisses.  Topped it with peppermints.  It's pink!  And it is sooo good.  This stuff is dangerous. I need to give it away. Don't want a repeat of a few years ago...
I dare you to try it and not love it. (I am bringing this stuff with me wherever I go, so if I'm coming where you, get ready).

Oh peppermint bark.  How I love you.


Karen said...

Can't wait to try it - especially the pink one!

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Melissa

Mallory Kemple said...

That looks really good!