Sunday, December 18, 2011

my baby boy turns 9

I won't have pictures until tomorrow, because I'm writing this on my iPad. The boys just went to bed and I'm on my bed, ready for sleep. I've been baking a lot today and I am tired! Noah, sweet Noah. My favorite thing about Noah is that he is still so lovable. He still wants hugs and kisses and cuddling when he is sad. But he has grown up a lot too. He loves all things science and video games and books but he is very choosy on what he reads. He still wants to wear athletic pants and plain t-shirts that are soft. He has a thing for stuffed animals but no longer wants to bring them to school. He still will occasionally try to sneak one in my purse when we are going out to eat though. Noah is fiercely against being told what to do by anyone. My sister, Jana, once likened him to WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE's Max and it is true. Noah roars and gnashes his teeth when he doesn't like something. He once said that he would like a little brother or sister so he could have authority over them. We laughed and laughed at this. Seth and I are youngest children too so we know exactly what he means. I know that I have a twin but I couldn't tell Case what to do anymore than he could me. One more thing about Noah. He gets so excited about presents. I hear him upstairs because he is too wired to sleep. I am sure he will be waking up early tomorrow to open his gifts. So that means I better go to bed. Happy Birthday Noah!!

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