Thursday, December 15, 2011

celebrating an eleventh birthday

Rhett turns 11 tomorrow. Without me getting all weepy, I will attempt to explain how lucky I am to be his mom.

Rhett is curious.  He wants to know everything about everything.  He also thinks he is right about most things and never thinks his mom knows what she is talking about, especially in subjects such as Math and Science.  Or English...excuse me, I meant Language Arts.  Or anything else.  He always questions me.  "Are you sure about that?"  He doesn't do it so much with his dad yet. 

Rhett likes to talk.  Especially when he is happy.  And that is what I remind his dad, when Seth is getting frustrated because Rhett has not stopped talking.  I just say, "That means he is happy," and Seth smiles and can't be frustrated anymore.  Funny enough, he wanted to look up what the meaning of his name was the other day.  It means, "speaker."  We were right on the nose with that one!

Here Rhett is, with his Dad and Pop, at the Philbrook Museum.  I am sure Rhett is wondering if the fish get cold or why they are the color they are, or maybe he is asking the meaning of life.  No telling with that child. Though I get exasperated, I secretly love it.  He will never just do something without questioning the why of it.  And that is a good thing.   
Rhett loves to help.  He also loves to please.  In this picture, still at the museum, he climbed onto the tree branch quickly, but then turned and helped his brother.  Without being asked, he just grabbed Noah's arm and pulled.  

Rhett is such a sweet big brother. Too sweet, sometimes. The other day, the boys were fighting and I went to them to see what the big fuss was. Fighting over legos and Noah got his way. Again. Rhett just didn't know what to do. I told him that he needs to be assertive. If Noah is being mean, I said, then Rhett had every right to kick him out of his room, even if the legos belonged to both. Later that night, after the boys were in bed, Seth and I heard a loud bang upstairs. Seth ran up to see what it was.  A few minutes later, Seth came down and asked me, "What did you tell Rhett?" I repeated that he needed to be assertive and asked why.  Seth answered, "Because Rhett said Noah would not stop talking, so Rhett just pushed Noah out of bed."  So he is trying, even if it is not in his nature to do so.

Rhett still gets scared, still gets sad enough to cry sometimes and can be silly and goofy and, well, a boy.  But he is growing up.  I can see glimpses of what kind of man he'll be and it makes me proud.  But it also makes me happy to see this:

He is as excited as Noah is to open a card from our elf each day.  He still wants to believe in magic even when his logical mind is screaming it cannot happen.  He still believes in the wonder of childhood and I, for one, am so happy that he does. 

Happy Birthday Rhett. 


Krista said...

Well, that made ME weepy.

Happy birthday, Rhett! Can't wait to see you next week!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rhett! You make our family special! Love Melissa

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet grandson.

Anonymous said...

Love, love those boys!!?!


Anonymous said...

Rhett is all that and more. He is special in every way--even if he too much like his dad!

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